How to trim roses for winter

How to trim roses for winter

Unkempt rose bushes quickly lose their smartness.

Therefore, we recommend that you periodically get it cut.

In addition, it is necessary to trim roses for winter, to protect them from severe frosts.

But it should be done properly in order to not harm the Bush.

The rules of pruning roses

Trimming rose bushes in every season, you need to observe some rules that will ensure not only decorative plants, but its normal development.

  • Experienced growers consider the delicate structure of the branches. So, trim the bushes, use only a sharp garden tool. Dull shears will only be revealed fiber. Such wounds will be long lasting, and will be available to pests and bacteria.
  • But for fairly thick shoots better to use a hacksaw on wood.
  • To avoid infections, make the cut under an angle – so not to stagnate water.
  • Places cut do not choose randomly – perform it over did not have time to bloom swollen Bud, taking a little more than half an inch. Thus the kidney needs to be external so that shoots are not crossed.
  • To trim roses for winter should be to the level of the white core.

All work is done exclusively on a warm Sunny day. To undertake pruning is only disinfected with potassium permanganate in the tool, and damaged areas to treat the garden pitch.

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Features trim

In preparing the bushes for winter, you should consider more variety of roses, which «dictate» its own characteristics cropping.

Here is length shorten shoots. This option and work are divided into 3 types.

  • In the long bushes in the shoots at the base of the leave not less than 10 buds. Typically used as trim on winter hardy varieties.
  • With an average length sufficient to leave at 5 buds, shortening the stems to a size of 35 cm This option is considered optimal.
  • Short haircut involves the complete removal of shoots (at the base is not more than 2 kidneys). But use this method very rarely, because the Bush becomes less resistant to frost.

Fully recommended to trim only the damaged, diseased and weak shoots. While climbing varieties of roses require pruning, and a hybrid tea, it is desirable to shorten to a considerable length.

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Standard bushes for the winter pruned only in the first year of life, subsequently there’s no need.

Pruning to be mainly old stems, the young can be slightly shortened.

To trim roses for winter remontant should be a third, leaving on branches not more than 5 buds. But the old English varieties are pruned almost 34 length, not forgetting to shelter the Bush from frost.


Careful preparation of roses for winter depends on the region in which it grows culture.

How to trim roses for winter

In the southern regions the climate is less harsh, so the culture could survive the winter without shelter.

But the adjustment of the shoots engaged in any case, this is one of the rehabilitation class.

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