How to treat the wounds of the trees and prepare the garden var

Sadovy var

Garden options used to treat wounds of trees and shrubs.

To wounds are not only accidental mechanical damage, but the saw cuts after pruning.

If this is not done, then these seemingly innocuous injuries can lead to death of the plant.

How to treat the wounds of trees

Treatment of wounds of trees garden pitch is carried out in the late spring-early summer. The wounds received by the tree at other times of the year, process temporarily, until a favorable period.

The light damage (partial damage to the cortex, after pruning) is rather clean and processed garden pitch.

More serious injuries require prior preparation and disinfection. Any treatment starts with the removal of decayed, Ammersee and the damaged parts of the bark and wood till the healthy plot.

Along the way, within damage removes all protruding stumps, shoots. After that, a thorough cleaning of the wound, and applied to the garden var.

Var should be sealed to protect the entire surface, to avoid getting spores fungal infections, various bacteria and pests on the wounds of trees.

The tightness needed to prevent drying of the damaged area. Do not forget that a protective layer must be renewed every spring, otherwise the protection will be reduced.

Treatment of hollows

If time does not notice the wound on the trunk of the tree, and do not handle it, there is a strong likelihood that in a few years at this place, the hollow is formed. To save the tree, the hole must be sealed.

Before sealing, very carefully clean the hole from rotten wood. Depends on the outcome of the treatment.

If while cleaning, You have removed the wet wood, you need to wait for a while until the hollow is dry, only then conduct disinfection and filling.

For disinfection use 3% solution of iron or a 1% solution of copper sulfate.

After processing, the hollow must be filled with mixture of sand, cement and lime ratio of 6:1:1.

Large damage to the trees (hollows) before pouring to fill with fine gravel. Very large tree hollows rubble and a mixture of alternate layers.

Using purchased funds to putty, pay attention to their composition. In any case, you cannot use products that contain mineral oil.

Welcome: paraffin, wax, and turpentine (turpentine oil).

How to cook garden options DIY recipes:

Sadovy var

  • 1.All the components separately it is necessary to heat it over low heat until dissolved, then mix in glass container. 200 g of wax, grease 250 g and 50 g. of pine resin.
  • 2.On low heat melt the propolis and wax, then add the crushed resin and bring to a boil. After the mixture has cooled, pour in the turpentine. The resulting mass is thoroughly mixed. The ratio of 3:2:6:1.
  • 3. The resin is melted, then add a twist of lard and beeswax. All carefully mix. The ratio of 2:1:1. (resin, fat, wax).
  • 4. Crushed resin, and a twisted pork fat is added to melted wax, after cooling of the mixture pour turpentine and stir. The ratio of 4:1:4:4.


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