How to transplant an Orchid

How to transplant an Orchid

Amazingly beautiful Orchid flowers adorn any interior.

But over time, the charm begins to lose its good looks.

The cause can be different factors, but the main are: violation of the ratio of salts in the soil, crashing acidity and poor permeability.

And all this testifies that went the depletion of substrate due to the lack of micronutrients.

So, it’s time to repot the Orchid. But it should be done properly, following certain algorithm.

How to transplant an Orchid

Before the relocation of orchids from one flower pot to another, first learn step-by-step technique to not make mistakes.

Step 1. To transplant an Orchid, it should be very carefully removed from the old container. Facilitate the work of soil moisture.

Step 2. Roots must be washed from the remnants of the earth.

Step 3. Removes damaged, dry roots and leaves.

Step 4. The plant should be required to dry a little (naturally) for 6 hours.

Step 5. The roots of the orchids are placed in a flower pot and prosypayutsya the ground.

Step 6. After planting the Orchid liberally pour warm water from the shower.

Step 7. Hold the flower a week in a shaded place and then expose it on the window sill.

Some tricks

You managed to properly transplant an Orchid, keep in mind some important nuances.

  • To do transplanting orchids should be only after it Bud.


  • If you cannot remove the flower from the old container, do not force» the plant – just break the pot (but gently).


  • Cut off unwanted leaves and roots, place slices antiseptic (or petrusite aktivirali).


  • To speed up the drying plant can with paper towels.


  • New pot for the Orchid should be sufficiently free (so the roots had a margin of at least 2 cm).


  • To monitor the condition of the root system, it is better to take a transparent container.


  • The growing point of the Orchid place strictly in the center of the pot.


  • New container in which to grow Orchid, need to pre-process, scalded with boiling water. How to transplant an Orchid

    So you destroy unwanted microbes.


  • Don’t forget the drainage layer should be not less than 3 cm is Perfect clay.


  • Setting the Orchid on a permanent residence, protect the plant from the direct rays of the sun.

As you can see, to transplant an Orchid is not so difficult. The main thing – to approach the process responsibly.

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