How to store gladiolus in winter at home

How to store gladiolus in winter

It would seem, growing in the flower beds perennial flowers, gardeners frees itself from annual time-consuming work of creating the design of the site.

But among the crops are not able to endure the harsh winter conditions outdoors. These include gladioli.

To abandon these beautiful flowers is not necessary – they are a real design garden flower beds.

However, to grow the gladiolus is not easy, so, once planted in the garden, you should try to save the selected grade.

And this winter the corms flower and his «kids» sent to storage in «home conditions».

Storage preparation

Before sending gladiolus in storage one of the following methods, they need to be properly prepared. Thus it is necessary to choose the time of digging of the bulbs and observe the technology of Assembly.

First, waiting for the gladiolus Bud (each varieties have their time). After this excavation was carried out in 30 days. We have this rule for the first decade of the last autumn month.

But to overdo the tubers in the ground should not be – they will start to rot and hurt.

To dig it is better to use the fork, so the possibility of damage to the follicles will be reduced to a minimum. Shaking off the bulbs with soil, they are sorted, removing rotten and damaged.

Having laid on plywood or Board flooring, the tubers are dried and then cut off the stems, leaving the roots 2 cm.

After that the bulbs gladiolus for another month dried at home. Then they need to be washed and soaking in a solution of chlorophos or of potassium permanganate for disinfection.

Not ripe bulbs should zaparafinit (along with scales), dipped into the melted composition, and then quickly cooled with cold water. Dried tubers again, you can safely store gladioli during the winter.

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Ways of storing gladioli

Store gladiolus corms in winter in several ways. Each owner will choose one that he is more acceptable.

  • If the region a relatively mild climate and winters are not harsh, as the store to choose a trench on the site. But it is provided, if the water table is deep. Placing the tubers in a box of them pour dry sawdust. Then the containers are sent to the trench 70h80 cm, covered with foliage (dry) and cover with film to protect from moisture. To bookmark necessary before the frost.
  • Usually gardeners store the tubers gladioli in the basement at his dacha or in a private home. The room should be dry and well ventilated. Storage box better to do with a mesh bottom to provide ventilation. This, along with the storage container of gladioli should not be vegetable fruit.


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  • You can store the corms also in the loggia is glazed and insulated. The box is mounted on the insulating substrate and the period of strong frosts is covered with a blanket. How to store gladiolus in winter
  • At home to store gladiolus in winter can be concluded in a low box of wood, pre-zastelil his paper. Over the paper put river sand calcined, or ash and charcoal. Lay the tubers should be done in such a way that they do not touch each other. You should not cover the container with gladiolus.
  • Comfortable feel the tubers in the fridge, if each is first wrapped in paper, then put in a plastic bag with holes for ventilation. Hold it on one of the middle shelves.

Showing attention to the storage of gladioli, next year it will be possible to enjoy the beauty of your yard.

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