How to store garlic at home

How to store garlic at home

In order for such a useful vegetable Dolezal at home until the next harvest must be properly stored.

In addition, the storability of garlic is affected and when it was harvested from the garden and how it was prepared for storage.

But before we look at how to store garlic at home , you must know the total information about the plant.

The whole garlic that currently exist can be divided into two types:

  • Spring;
  • Winter.

Spring garlic has no tendency to the formation of arrows in contrast to winter. In addition, they are characterized by their ability to withstand frosts, yield and timing of planting and harvesting.

Harvesting garlic

More than anything the ability of garlic to storage influenced by time of harvest. The main signs that should start harvesting spring garlic is the lodging of foliage and its yellowing.

This happens in the second half of August. And cleaning the winter garlic is in late July.


Weather during harvest need to be dry and warm. If you miss the optimum time harvesting garlic, you need to be ready that will deteriorate the quality of the products.

Or rather, it starts cracking scales of the bulbs begin to break zubochkov and garlic bulbs begin to sprout. A garlic is not suitable for long term storage.

Preparation for storage of garlic

Before garlic storing after harvesting from the garden, it must be dried.

In order that it retains as many nutrients garlic is dried along with the leaves.

After drying it cut off the superfluous roots and stem. If you want to hold sort and only then you can clean in the store.

How to store garlic at home

Storage garlic is conventionally divided into two ways – cold and warm.

For a warm fashion are characterized by the following indicators:

  • The temperature of 16-20°C;
  • Humidity between 50-70%.

This method is more suitable in order to store spring garlic.

For the cold method will be characterized by the following indicators:

  • Temperature 2-4°C;
  • Humidity 70-80%.

This method is ideal for storage of winter garlic.

So how is it to store garlic at home, to minimize losses? There are many ways of storage, but it is necessary to highlight the main one, which was used by our ancestors.

One of the most common is the braiding braid. In one plait braid approximately 15 heads of garlic.

Store garlic at home, in small boxes, baskets,

How to store garlic at home

a variety of boxes or linen bags in a dry and cool place.

Most importantly, try to withstand the temperature and provide the necessary humidity.

It is periodically necessary to sort crop to remove damaged.

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