How to store dahlias in winter at home

How to store dahlias in winter

Among perennial flowers that are often found on beds of gardeners, you can see the decorative culture of the family Asteraceae.

Dahlia has gained popularity for its magnificence, which adorns not only the ridges, and flower bouquets.

Unfortunately, this culture is poorly adapted to winter conditions.

Therefore, the root tubers of Dahlia which reproduces, to dig in the fall and sent to storage in a cool, dark place (temperature +5°C).

Rules of storage of dahlias

 How to store dahlias in winter, each owner defines himself, checking in practice the chosen method. Newcomers have to adapt to growing dahlias.

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Dig up the tubers need in late autumn, before the frost. Each spine inspect and carry out culling, removing damaged and diseased.

Storage remains only healthy tubers of dahlias, which are at the top at the base of stem buds.

Planting material should be divided into parts, containing dormant buds at the root collar, and bottom of the Bulba.

Old Bulba and excess roots should be removed. Also cut out rotten areas. Place slices should be treated with brilliant green. You can also disinfect with alcohol or to hold the bulbs over the fire.

Klubnepochki wash under running water, if necessary, removing chunks of earth with a toothbrush. Then they are soaked in fungicidal or manganese solution.

If any tubers are surfaced, they can be disposed of. Next, the slices sprinkled with wood ashes, and the tubers are put out to dry (from 2 hours to days).

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The conditions necessary for the storage of Dahlia

To properly store dahlias in winter, you need to follow all the conditions.

  • By selecting a location (basement, balcony, window sill), create storage modes: temperature +3 — +7°C; humidity 60%. During the whole period of storage modes are kept under control.
  • Dahlia bulbs peresypaya moss, pine needles, sawdust, sand, etc., which must be exceptionally dry.
  • As containers suitable wooden boxes, baskets, cut a plastic bottle. Capacity pre-lined with clean newspaper.
  • The tubers should not touch each other, so they can be put separately in paper.
  • It is not necessary to store dahlias in winter in the neighborhood with potatoes.

In recent years, increasingly began to use to save Georgina tubers edible film.

How to store dahlias in winter

Each tuber wrap it tight enough, excluding the possibility of air infiltration and sent to storage in the refrigerator.

Thin and young tubers Dahlia is recommended zaparafinit or dipped in clay mash. So they better retain their properties until spring.

Any way of storing presets for breeding must be checked periodically, revealing the damaged (removed).

Sometimes tubers do not withstand before the onset of spring and end of winter begin to germinate. Then they are entered into the apartment and planted in a flower pot to grow seedlings.

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