How to store carrots in the cellar

How to store carrots in the cellar

Carrot refers to those vegetables that should be eaten fresh, even in winter – so valuable this product is.

And to be able to nourish your body with carotene, when the dancing Blizzard, you need to learn how to store carrots in the cellar.

And largely the safety depends on proper training.

How to harvest a root vegetable

Collect carrots on suburban garden you have before will come cold, otherwise the vegetable would not be suitable for maturation.

  • Carefully dig the roots out of the ground, shake them from the soil immediately, cutting the stems to 1 cm When it is held and rejection of vegetables.
  • The thus prepared fruits stack a bunch in the garden and cover with earth (soil layer should be 20 cm thick). So need to soak the carrots for about 4 days. It is desirable that the weather was dry, otherwise it is better to cover a bunch of film.
  • Further, freeing the roots with the earthy «captivity», and their spread in the container — clean and dry boxes, lattice.

When laying carrots spend another sorting, removing spoiled fruit.

Storage conditions in the cellar

To be able to store carrots in the cellar, there are optimal conditions for this: the humidity in the range of 85-90% and temperature of about 1°C. Upon that, and the sand, in which to store the carrots should be 20 percent wet.

The best option of stacking the root – pyramidal. The sides of the square base stand 0.8 m or 1 m.

The carrots in layers interspersed with clean sand thickness of 3 cm lower substrate must be at least 5 cm.

The roots put «Jack» so that they do not touch each other. Alternating vegetables and sand, form the pyramid. To be sustainable, the maximum number of layers should not exceed 7.

The best varieties of carrots suitable for long storage in the cellar, there is a «Shantan», «Valeria», «Vorob» «davydovskoe», etc.

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Drying of carrots

Store carrots in the cellar can be in dried form, even using the slightly damaged fruit. If you do it right, the roots throughout the winter will preserve the elasticity and firmness.

The purpose of drying is to remove excess water that is contained in vegetables. For this method of procurement is suitable early varieties of root crops with a narrow core.

  • Carrots clean, completely remove the tops and cut out the damaged area. Washing the fruits, they must be sorted by size.
  • Vegetables are blanched in boiling salted water with the addition of citric acid for about 15-20 minutes. Prepared carrots check a match. If it with small effort is included in the body of the fetus, the process is finished.
  • The blanching is necessary to preserve the product vitamin C.
  • Cool the vegetables under running water, they are cut into rings or strips up to 3 mm.
  • Having laid in a single layer on a sieve, roots are sent to the oven, where first kept at a temperature of about 80°C, then 60°C.

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In the process, until carrots are dried, sieve out periodically, vegetables mix, leveling layer and checking the degree of readiness.

How to store carrots in the cellar

Dried carrot 2 more days keep in a ventilated box and then placed in a container which is sealed.

Store dried carrots in the cellar or pantry.

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