How to start construction of suburban homes?

where to start building a house

The construction of suburban homes as any buildings quite a complex process, which should not rush even a trained person.

Most of us build a house once in a lifetime, and errors at each stage of construction, will inevitably affect the overall result. The result is disappointment.

Where to begin construction of the country house

To begin construction of the country house, you need the proper organization of the whole process, which consists of several stages.

  • 1. Preparation of the specification. (specification);
  • 2. The design of the house;
  • 3. Training;
  • 4. Construction.

The first item is one of the most difficult, the thing is that, making a technical specification is necessary to provide all that you want from the future of the building: total area, number of rooms, their location, availability of toilet, bath (shower) and so on. It all depends on your imagination and budget.

Having a clear idea about the new country house, you should move on to the second paragraph.

You can search the Internet for ready projects of houses and cottages, which can fully meet your requirements, or contact a specialized company and order the individual project at home.

On your project will work a whole team of professionals: designer, architect, designer, engineer, accordingly, the work of the professionals will cost more than the finished model project.

Often due to budgetary savings, people are trying to design your own home from scratch, the result is usually sad.

Not a specialist, it is difficult to anticipate all the nuances: heating, water supply, supply of electricity, draining waste water.

Later in the construction process can occur new and new weaknesses. At the completion of the works the house will differ considerably from the original plan.

Plus additional costs if any problems arise, would significantly increase the cost of construction.

Now you can start preparing for construction. At this stage it is important to get an estimate for materials and labor cost, determine the timing of construction and selection of contractors.

To be dealt with responsibly, before to conclude the contract with suppliers of materials and builders, if possible gather as much information about the company, read customer testimonials, view ready-made objects.

In the fourth stage, if in the previous you approached responsibly, it remains only to monitor the progress and observe how your holiday home.

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