How to sow seeds in the garden

how to sow seeds

Sow vegetable seeds for the summer vegetable garden, you need to manually.

On the prepared bed of the hands, or with a special Board made grooves or holes.

Depending on the size of the seed depth from 1cm to 5cm Before sowing the seed furrows are well saturated with water.

Only then sprouted or soaked seeds are laid out.

Cover with soil mixed with humus to form soil crust, which will slow seed germination.

The quality and quantity of the harvest depends on seed preparation and soil.

So before sowing seeds , they need to prepare.

Seeds generally better to buy from reliable suppliers, in specialized stores. Pay attention to the expiration date.

Before planting you need to test the seeds for germination. The seeds should be spread out on moist gauze, and it is better sawdust.

The sawdust before it needs to be scalded with boiling water. Vegetable seeds were grown for 1-2 weeks at a temperature of 20C – 25C.{module 300×250}According to the results of germination, we can conclude about the germination of seeds. If you are not satisfied, you need to look for seeds from another manufacturer.

For the cultivation of some crops used seed selection to the full. Using

how to sow seeds

such dropouts can choose seeds of cucumber, tomato, melon, watermelon and so on.

In one liter of water dissolves 35 grams of table salt, and place the seeds for planting.

Those that remained on the surface, merge with the water that drowned can be sown.

Before sowing the seeds, soak them in room temperature water for a day, not more.

The results show that such operations have a positive effect on yield.

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