How to remove a stump in the country

how to remove a stump

To remove a stump on a country site it is possible to use in several ways.

If it has spacious access you can use the services of experts and to order equipment to remove the stumps.

They are fast enough to uproot it.

You can own a winch and tether, if there is another stump, or an object where you can attach the cable.

If you drive up on technique is not possible, nothing to cling to, and to remove a tree stump should have to resort to others, but also reliable ways.

How to remove a stump in the country

The first method is more long, but easy. First you have to destroy the roots to form new shoots. Will cutting the stump as close to the ground.

Electric drill or hand brace make a hole as deep as possible, with a diameter of 15mm. Number of holes depends on the circumference of the stump, try to make them as much as possible.

Pour them through a funnel with a strong solution of any substance oxidizes, for example, ammonium sulphate or sodium chloride. The holes can clay.

The solution penetrates into the root system, new shoots will not be formed and old ones die. Next holiday season, it will be enough to make a small tunnel, cut through the floor of the rotten roots and is easy to remove the stump.

If you uproot a big tree it is urgent, there is another way more rapid, but will have some trouble.

Spilivaya, the tree stump left high enough to make it easier to grasp it to drive. Then with an ax split the stump in half.

With a hose and pressure water is fed into the middle of the split, as long as the exposed roots. Do not soak the bailing.

Than comfortable with this way of removing the stump, you do not need deep digging of the earth. Believe me to dig among the mighty roots is very uncomfortable and hard.

Take a hacksaw and saw off pieces of exposed roots a few inches out of the way to remove the stump.

Now to get a stump, it is necessary to shake from side to side, so the roots, which go deep into the slave and freeing the stump. Now you can easily delete it.

Things do not always work the first time, so you can resort to the water again, and to blur the thick roots that were visible at once.

For planting on this place the young seedlings need to spend

how to remove a stump

deep plowing to remove any remaining roots after removal of the stump.

Don’t put on a culture from the same family in the land disputes can be dangerous for them. Most likely the soil is depleted, make before planting, fertilizer or give it a rest.

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