How to protect lawn at their summer cottage from trampling

protection of the lawn

Landed a neat and beautiful lawn in the suburban area, many gardeners are thinking about how to protect such a fresh, juicy greens from trampling during active play, arrival, Sunday picnics or just walking on the site.

And especially to protect the lawn from damage important for the guest country cottages, which take a rest of the citizens, which are not always considered with the nature of rules and careful use of alien property.

Today the solution to these problems is – securely to protect the grass cover will help grass paver from plastic tapes.

Protection of the lawn in the front garden from trampling

Proper selection and correct installation of the grass paver in the garden will ensure the safety of lawn vegetation under my feet and a light two-wheeled transport – you will be able to walk, sit, lie down on the grass, but she will not lose their neat appearance and freshness.

The trick is to protect the root system of the lawn from damage – even trampled under the weight of the body the herb quickly will come in the original form, if not disturbed the roots.

The device walkways on the lawn


Modern technologies and materials allow even to lay turf track – you can Supplement

grass paver

landscape design garden or local Park so original and harmonious in the natural environment element of the country improvement as a pedestrian walkway in the form of turf tracks, specially designed for walking on the grass.

Since the production of grass pavers to protect the grass is made of durable and resistant to high mechanical stress plastic, the lawn under his feet will not spoil even with daily runs on such tracks.

A green lawn at the cottage for guest Parking

If the size of the suburban area allows you will be able to arrange operated outdoor lawn and create a comfortable guest Parking – construction technology green Parking today is already quite well established and in many European countries is the main way to solve the problem of the device of the open countryside Parking.

To organize a beautiful lawn as a Parking lot in the suburban area will also help the grass paver is a versatile material that it can sustain the loads under the wheels of the car and will keep greens vegetable coating for the entire holiday season.

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