How to prepare the cellar for the harvest


how to prepare the cellar for the harvest

Gathering a rich harvest, the grower-gardener proud.

However, along with the feeling of joy and pride and worry arises: how to keep what he has spent so much time and money?

Half of the fruits and vegetables are sent for recycling, the rest is placed in storage in bins, but if he be lazy and not prepare a cellar properly, they can quickly lose all the reserves.

Fungus, mold, rodents, insects… This is the enemy, which is sometimes difficult to compete, but to win it must.

Preservation of vegetables (carrots, potatoes, cabbage), various pickles, and stocks of planting material (cuttings, bulbs, tubers) — it all depends on how will be prepared the cellar for the harvest.

Most of the villagers in the presence of various new material, prefer lime. Why lime directly?

The answer was simple: painting walls and ceilings lime — the most simple means of disinfection of the premises.

Advance in the room of the harvest in the cellar should be taken and, if possible, dry it on the street all that is imposed, in this case, shelves, fences, bins, wooden boxes.

Not necessary to dry the logs in the sun, because the wood is deformed. Boards should be placed separately to ensure their air and drying should be under cover.

Fit the Board into the well or the wooden bars are laid. Moldy locations cleaned, and the rotten boards are replaced by new ones.

Must be dried directly and the new attraction. If there is no possibility of the removal of things from the cellar, they are treated on the spot.

Rust is removed from the pillars and then covered with paint. The cracks, and if there is a mouse hole, sealed with cement mortar.

Important when preparing for cellar crop is fumigated. Disinfection is carried out after drying the cellar. Not associated with the home storage of vegetables, processed pairs of lime.

In this case quicklime is poured into a bucket or tank and filled with water.

We should not forget about security measures. Evaporation of lime is very dangerous for your health! It is forbidden to be in the room in which the prepared solution.

After a couple of days the premises must be thoroughly ventilated, then the walls and ceiling, re-whitewash with lime.

To prepare the cellar for the harvest and removal of fungus in a lime solution is added to copper sulphate.

Before laying on storage of fruit, vegetables and root crops, be sure to check the status of the ventilation system, as well as work stubs.

Before placing a crop in the basement, you need to select the damaged fruits and fruits with signs of rot.

The state of being stored in the cellar during the winter periodically checked.

We hope that your cellar was always filled and the stocks in it are not translated!

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