How to prepare strawberries for winter

how to prepare strawberries for winter

Despite the fact that many strawberry varieties belong to the frost resistant plants, autumn care is very important.

Ignore fall is impossible, because it depends on the next year’s crop.

But, unfortunately, not all gardeners know how to properly prepare the strawberries for the winter, so the bushes didn’t freeze and the following year, it pleased to excellent yield. So, where do you start?

From the second half of August and until mid September we can start to update the plantation and, if necessary, plant new bushes.

Before this time to begin work is not necessary, because even the heat is. In August the temperature is gradually reduced, and young plants are easier to establish, and time is enough to ensure that the bushes gain strength for the harsh winter.

Plantations after the crop is harvested, remove all damaged by pests and stunted plants. Also need to collect the mulch. The cold can survive only the strong bushes, so you need to cut all the whiskers.

Do not touch the only ones that are to be retained for breeding. This mustache is the first from Bush, leave it out and continue rooting.

If this is done late in August, the young plants may severely weaken the main hive, while the winter period they will not have time to develop a powerful root.

Mustache trimming is performed using the pruning shears, the plants were injured» minimum.


Prepare the strawberries for the winter by loosening the soil and autumn feeding. As for ripping, then it should be done carefully so as not to injure the root system.

First loosened with a shovel, but not stick deep. You can then use a hoe or rake. Fertilize strawberries in the autumn need superphosphate.

But fertilizers containing nitrogen should not be entered. Make them only in the spring, as they stimulate the growth of green mass.

A good idea is to pour the bushes nutrient soil, but you need to ensure not to fall asleep «heart».

Many gardeners are unable to come to a common understanding to remove or not the old leaves. According to some gardeners, the leaves need to leave. They can be some shelter in the cold season.

But this applies to those shrubs, whose leaves are green. If you start to pick off these leaves, Bush will throw the young greens, which will lead to weakening.

It is therefore desirable to remove old leaves in spring, young leaves began to grow with full force and much faster. Cut the leaves thus leaving the stems.

how to prepare strawberries for winter

Also considered a large mistake to stop irrigation after harvest. This is especially true of the dry summer. It is recommended at least once a week for the plants to do a «warm shower».

This approach will help them to gain strength before the winter.

Also to fully prepare the strawberries for the winter by hiding. For this purpose, spruce branches or covering material.

If this is not possible, then the plantation throws more snow, making a kind of hat. Then certainly the plants do not freeze.

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