How to prepare roses for winter

how to prepare roses for winter

The success of the wintering garden roses depends on many factors.

First, not all varieties are winter hardiness, and secondly, the plant itself doesn’t always correspond to to safely survive the winter.

Yes, indeed a lot of reasons. But this article can help you to understand how all the rules to prepare roses for winter.

So, where to start and what not to forget?

Loosening the soilWith the arrival of the first autumn month loosening of soil should be completed. This approach will help stop the growth of young shoots. This is very important because dormant buds Wake up and begin active growth.

Cleaning spray zone,All dry leaves, twigs, grass around the hive must be removed to avoid the appearance of fungal spores and their further development. All of this burnt to destroy possible disease.

Spraying of roses, do Not neglect spraying the Bush with iron sulfate (can be replaced with Bordeaux liquid). It will positively affect the moisture resistance of the bushes and their immunity.

Pruning rosesThis procedure will also help to prepare roses for winter. Cut roses to a height that will match the level of cover.


In short, the Bush should completely hide. If it is not yet cold and the leaves have fallen, cut them and remove all the young shoots, as they are strong frosts still will not stand.

Also cut slightly lignified shoots. These branches are cut to such a height that the lands were 6-7 kidney is on average 40 to 60 cm.

Hilling of the soilwith regard to earthing up, here opinions differ. Is it worth to do or not can be judged by the fact that, for example, ridging contribute to better air exchange in the root system.

Also loosened the ground is much better at trapping air, which in turn does not allow the frost to penetrate to the roots.

In what period to start the preparatory work?The question how to prepare roses for winter all clear. Oddly enough, preparation for winter in the country starts in late August.

It was during this period should almost stop the active growth of roses. Minimize stop watering to fertilize, especially nitrogen.

As for potash fertilizers, they can continue to contribute, because this food affects the lignification of the branches and trunk.

It now remains to wait for the time when the cold will be stable. It’s roughly mid-October. By this time the roses should cover.

To build a shelter for the bushes need at -6°C or less. In southern regions the winter may be delayed slightly, so do not rush.

You need to remember that roses conceal better late than too early. Even if it is a mild frosts, they are not cause severe harm but rather help the hardening and spring will accelerate the maturation of the shoots.

Conversely, early shelter will awaken the kidneys and will start the growth of shoots. Also do not forget that the weather during the rose shelter should be dry to excess moisture under the cover is not provoked the development of fungal spores.

Than to cover roses?

how to prepare roses for winter

The bushes are often covered with peat, humus, sod land, or the contents of a compost heap. The height of the layer about 40 cm

On top of the hive cover old bucket, wooden box, twigs, a piece of roofing felt or other covering material.

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