How to prepare raspberries for winter

how to prepare raspberries for winter

It is impossible to imagine any garden without raspberry.

Despite the fact that this culture originated from the wild forest, she, unfortunately, does not tolerate winter.

Extreme cold can lead to death of the whole landing. Wanting to keep the Bush safe and healthy, you need to properly prepare raspberries for winter.

Features of the preparatory process

This culture is extremely heat-loving plant, difficult to take root in cold regions.

It is especially important to keep varieties of everbearing raspberries, which if not properly maintained will very quickly lose their properties.

No matter how high did not develop branches of the Bush, at the cabin, they should be send to the ground, while ensuring a good retention. Such insulation is necessary not only shoots but also the roots, as they lie not deep.

Before «to preserve» the Bush, because it should remove all the leaves, not waiting for the frost. But do it carefully, trying not to hurt the kidneys. Will have to work with gloves in the form of a cutting character of culture.

This procedure is run in order to prevent prelosti leaves under the snow. Otherwise, the raspberry patch will be infected and putrid fungus and die.

The right cabin

To prepare raspberries for winter, you need to trim the Bush. Its purpose is to remove excess growth, which developed over the summer (it is considered a weed).

Removed branches two years ago that its already otplodonosivshih. Pruning raspberries in the fall is at the root, without leaving stumps.

Other branches, which next year will yield a harvest, shorten is not necessary – do it in the spring. Shoots gently bends as you lower to the ground (direction of growth) and tightly fixed with metal brackets, so they don’t flatten.

For reliability over pressed to the ground bushes of raspberries, it is recommended to put a layer of straw thickness of 20 centimeters. And to provide plants protection from the invasion of mice, straw in summer it is better to hold in the compost heap.

Will be laying straw or not, but the snow-wrapped raspberry necessarily. And check its availability throughout winter. Without such a «blanket» Bush simply does not stand severe frosts.

Therefore, if necessary, have to manually do a snow mound. It will also help to protect the plants from intruders – birds.

But it is necessary to monitor snow cover were not taken crust. Nast not give raspberry to breathe, and the plants may die not from the cold, and from lack of air.


how to prepare raspberries for winter

If the owner is not lazy and will be able to prepare raspberries for winter, and then during the entire winter season to monitor the presence of snow cover, in summer it will get a good crop of juicy, delicious berries.

But first he will have in the spring gently to release the branch from the hooks and to conduct an audit.

Badly wintered and diseased shoots should be immediately removed in order not to weaken the whole Bush. Because it can affect productivity.

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