How to prepare grapes for the winter

how to prepare grapes for the winter

Among the fruit bushes are particularly notable grapes.

It even bred in the agricultural private sector of the economy, and requires a specific approach.

How will the care culture depends not only the productivity, but also the life of the vines.


Grape relates to heat-loving plants, which plays an important role in the choice of location.

If you grow grapes in Siberia in the shadows, he will not be able to survive even a relatively warm winter.

Therefore, vines are planted only on well warmed by the sun, not wet lands.

To know how to prepare the grapes for the winter, you need to consider several factors: the area where grown culture, the life of the vines and the characteristics of the variety.

The breeders brought quite a lot of hybrid cultivars with frost-resistant properties that in the southern regions do not require a thorough hiding and trimming the roots.

Types of viticulture

By nature grapes have always been considered southern culture. And he has grown in these regions without covering method.

Now the area selection has expanded, and the vine began to conquer the Northern regions, where farming is practiced covering method.

Temperature is the main indicator for the normal development of culture. Even in the spring at +15°C, the plant does not feel comfortable and may drop color, which, naturally, affects productivity.

When in the resting period (October), the grapes can withstand the cold down to -20°C. Frost-resistant varieties of winter and -25°C. In areas with such a mild winter and not practiced ukryvnoy viticulture.

In the area of more severe climate raisonnee to use the covering method. Providing earthen vines cushion thickness of 15-20 cm (for the weak and the young bushes hill made above), cover with snow as well. Under this shelter the grapes comfortable winter and at -40°C.

How to prepare grapes for the winter

If the farm is covering the grade, the preparation of the grapes for the winter begins with the resting phase, when the die leaves.

But I have to do it before frosts – the temperature is below -6°C is unacceptable for pruning grapes in autumn. Namely, it is easier to shelter plants for the winter.

The trimmed cuttings are sent to storage in the cellar is a good planting material for propagation of culture. The bushes leave the vine is a homogeneous light brown color, leaving it for 5-8 buds.

Before you spend pruning, the vines are carefully removed from the wire.

Care should be taken about the root system is superficial to grow should be removed. But sometimes katarapko don’t use, replacing it with special covers mounted on the outer roots.

how to prepare grapes for the winter

Near the Bush, digging a trench, which will need to enclose the vines. They are pre-tied and wrapped in waterproof material (e.g. plastic film).

From above poured a layer of dry sawdust or leaves. In mild climate this will be enough in the Northern regions of binding on top of soil ball should completely cover the whole Bush.

The crop planted in the current year, even for not covering varieties of grapes preparing for winter is necessary.

Hilling shoots in early November the ground to a height of 20 cm will provide a good survival of seedlings and protection from frost.

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