How to organize a farm

the organization of the farm

Many people after retirement have a desire to organize a farm on the country, but to fulfill the dream turns out not all.

The main reason for this lack of experience, because most of the theoretical information from books is very different from practice.

I’ll tell a real life event the example of my neighbor in suburban areas, Vladimir Nikolayevich, how he organized the farm and the difficulties faced.

By the way in our garden society it is known as «Farmer».

How to organize a farm

Any activities of the farms are regulated by Federal law No. 74-FZ dated 11.06.2003 G.

All the economic, legal and social organization and farming are based on this law.

Starting its way in this case is not easy «farmer» tried to breed rabbits, quail, chickens, geese, pigs and other farm animals.

Would rent the land for growing crops.


A lot have failed, in some

the organization of the farm

direction succeed, but in any case, gained experience and formed some of the most profitable directions for themselves farming.

The simplest crop. The organization of this farm does not require special education and large investments.

Of course, completely without financial investments do not work.

For crop production in addition to processing documents, you need to rent or buy the land for farmland of course, if you have no property of their suburban area of several hectares.

Plus seed. Beginning farmers should try to grow crops that do not require special care.

The best option potatoes, grow relatively easily, and sold well. Vladimir Nikolaevich has noted this kind of the farm and is actively developing it. Income in the region of 55%.

the organization of the farm

The second honorable place in the list of farming cultivation of agricultural animals for meat.

In this direction require large costs, and before you start this business, you need to analyze the consumer market in your area.

My neighbor prefers to raise pigs because they are undemanding in care.

If you have enough area for grazing, it is possible to try to work with large cattle.

It all depends on your capabilities and market needs constant wholesale buyers. With the right approach turns out to 20% of the profits.

In third place is the organization of dairy farms. I have to say, Vladimir Nikolaevich experience was not entirely successful, earn failed, but left for «their» in this kind of farming he is no longer on.

Theoretically if the count is one dairy cow gives around 10 liters of milk per day. If you buy 10 heads, then a day will be about 100 liters of product, and then it is necessary to look for market methods of processing.

Need a large area for the barn and a large quantity of food. Alone is almost not to handle, besides, animals can get sick and so on.

In General, to be profitable only for large investments and livestock. More interesting types of farming and with the right approach, not less profitable (bee-keeping and poultry).

These methods of farming can be practiced alone, and not a bad increase to their pensions.

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