How to make soil fertile

how to make soil fertile

My favorite cottage located on the site of the forest clearing.

Around the pine forests and fertile layer 2/3 blade garden spade.

A former collective farm tried to grow but nothing happened.

And then the earth, as always, gave the cottagers – he suffers and try to make the soil fertile!

But our seasoned Soviet cottager and on stones grow gardens and will take the crops of the vegetables in the sand.

The neighbors through a friend back in the «cheap» Soviet times have brought their sections black cars, put tons of manure are now sitting and laughing.

They and the tomatoes with watermelon and potatoes selected, and the watermelons melons 8-10 pounds grow without problems.

And we children took our plot of 10 acres in the crazy 90s, when the shelves were empty and the wind whistled in his pockets. In the first year on positrve harvest for us was fantastic.

Grew everything: beans, peas, pumpkin, potatoes. And the tomatoes and cucumbers were taken every Sunday buckets. In the second year the harvest has decreased in 2 times. But we are not discouraged.

I even planted trees, strawberries, currant bushes and raspberries. Holes under trees and bushes did great, but after 2-3 years the seedlings has died and the vegetables in the garden grew the size of a walnut.

Many of the neighbors just left the land and left. But my son decided to go to the end and get the result.

How to improve the soil

Seeing our suffering Amateurs, neighbor to the right of us explained that our plot as it is on higher ground and fertile soil here even less than in other areas.

And he personally brought a few cars of fertile land to improve the soil. This luxury I could not afford, and bought a low area in the neighborhood who has been abandoned by the former owners.

They did still put no time, and about finish, and say nothing! Here we also planted trees in large pits, but with a new (earth-to-household humus, earth humus herbal, earth, wood shavings-earth) content, planted bushes, grapes, and vegetable garden.

Gradually I realized that to grow a crop of vegetables you need in one place no more than 2-3 years, and then carry on giving a rotation of crops, giving the old garden beds to rest under the grass 1-2 years. And so to continue. Then the harvest will be good, and machines with the earth and manure is not required.

I also had some secrets of growing trees and shrubs on such improved soils.

The garden we got, of course, the Royal: quince, plums, gooseberries, apples, apricots, pears, plums of all sorts, grapes and currants, and on the perimeter of the gorgeous bushes of wild rose and Persian lilac.

Raspberries now, just time to thin out! And the garden we are always happy.

Before the neighbors went to our plot and laughed, they say, is nothing without the earth and manure you will not succeed! And now keep asking whether we are going to sell our garden?

And even good prices the race. Do you know why? Because such a large and productive garden, as we do in every area of our cooperative.

And now we go and smile when they look with envy at our green oasis.

So I want to advice for new gardeners-gardeners: listen to the advice, analyze them, but don’t be afraid to try and experiment with the earth! She is very responsive to our concern and efforts.

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