How to make paving slabs with their hands

manufacture of paving their own hands

To give clearance, the arrangement of garden paths, designated Parking great paving slabs, but it may need a large amount and in this case it would be cheaper to produce paving slabs with their hands, than to buy in the store.

If to do sandblasting, tile can make any size.

How to make paving slabs with their hands

First of all the bars we put together the formwork to the desired height. For pedestrian walkways is enough tiles 30 mm thick

For Parking under the car 60-70 mm. to give the future tile relief on the bottom of the form you can put a rubber Mat pattern up. Relief tile will make the track safer.

To prepare the solution take 3 parts sand to 1 part cement. Cement for production paving slabs with their hands, it is desirable to use lower grade 400.

Stir the mixture and add water 0.8 parts of cement, thoroughly mix until uniform solution. This is the optimal amount of fluid to achieve the maximum durability of the tiles.

Fill in the form ready with a solution to 2/3 of the height of the formwork. If the tile thickness is only 30mm, preferably from above to lay the reinforcing mesh to enhance. Add grout to the edges of the form.

The reinforced mesh for the manufacture of tiles not necessarily to buy, for this purpose you can use steel wire or other improvised materials, such as cans. Cut the side wall on the same strips and lay in a grid with a cell size of 2 cm.

Filled with a solution of the form leave it for a week and close it from direct sunlight and atmospheric precipitation.

After seven days, you will have finished paving slabs, made with their own hands. If everything is done correctly, your 30 mm. tile, will withstand even a hammer, tested on their own experience.

For the manufacture of a large number of paving slabs you need to make a few dozen

manufacture of paving their own hands

forms. For better preparation of concrete mortar is good to use the mixer.

I once made paving slabs with their hands during the holidays, which I had to trim all the garden paths.

So stock up cement, sand, and with the onset of warm days, you can get to work.

While the paving stone dries, you can prepare the garden path.

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