How to make grounding in the house?

How to make grounding in the house?

Everyone knows that electricity is a source of danger.

If the electricity happens to be at the housing of any device, it certainly might threaten life.

That is why the earthing in the house will help to avoid danger. But what does this need?

If the ground will be located in a horizontal plane, it is allowed to use a strip of steel. For vertical ground suitable metal area 50×5 mm.

Grounding conductor shall be steel wire with a diameter of 10 mm. as the grounding element is expressly forbidden to use rebar because it has the outer cover is hot.

Because this layer is disrupted the distribution of the current, besides, the oxidation processes go much faster.

Horizontal ground in the house

To the ground was reasonable, it is made in the form of a triangle have equal angles. In the yard you need to make a layout the size of the triangle.

The ground must be laid, departing from the Foundation of the house at a distance of more than a meter.

After the markup, you can begin digging the trench, the depth of which must be 800 — 1000 mm Width such that it is easy to conduct welding work (500 — 700 mm).

Further, the locations of the vertices of the triangle need to drive into the ground angles, the length of which from 2 to 3 meters. To corners better than Crouch, better their edges to sharpen.

The edges of the corners should stick out from the trench in the 200 — 250 mm. Now you can start connection, it is necessary to create a closed loop.

The connection should be performed using the welder. Killed the corners should be welded to the underlying triangle.

If connection is not possible to use the bolts, because after a while these places will start to oxidize, which in turn will lead to poor contact.

After performance of welding works on the ground in the house, you need the design to connect the electrical panel. For this you need metal wire to weld to the design of the ground, then put it in the trench and output in the switchboard.

Moving the wire to the fuse box on the edge to be welded a M8 bolt for further fastening.

If the farm cannot find a wire for grounding, it is allowed to apply

How to make grounding in the house?

the iron strip. Such a scenario will become even better as the area of contact will be much more.

Although difficulties may arise with the bending of the strip.

All the welding places need to process anti-corrosion drug.

The entire structure grounding is not to be treated with the composition, as will communication of the earth with the metal.

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