How to make Foundation with his own hands in the country

the Foundation with his own hands

The durability of houses, baths, garage and many other buildings in the country, depends on the quality of the Foundation.

So in order to make a reliable and strong Foundation with their hands must be thoroughly prepared and follow the advice of experts.

The construction of good supports for future construction requires large financial costs and time can not save.

If we are talking about a massive construction, it is better not to experiment, and to contact qualified builders.

For a small garden home, garage, cottage or bath, you can make a Foundation with his own hands, and most importantly have the desire and work consistently.

First, determine future site under construction, remove the upper fertile layer of the earth (≈30cm) and make marks for the Foundation.

On the perimeter, dig a trench. Its depth depends on soil moisture and freezing it in the winter, usually in southern regions, at least 0.5 m, in the North more than 1m. the cut will be seen the structure of the soil.

The most solid and reliable Foundation comes on to the sandy-rocky soil and gravel.

If the trench a couple of days to accumulate in ground water, it is necessary to deepen, in this case the Foundation will be more resistant to seasonal strains.

Now you need to make a timbering from boards. The thickness of the Foundation in the dry soil must exceed the wall by at least 20cm, if groundwater accumulates in the trench, it is better to bottom to make an extension and to increase the thickness of the support.

On the bottom of the trench should pour gravel thickness of 10 cm and compacted, and over the reinforced mesh. When pouring concrete, it is also necessary to strengthen the use of steel wire or rebar.

When the Foundation reaches the required height, before burying it is very important to take care of waterproofing.

All the underground part of the tear liquid bitumen on the surface and spread a roofing material in 2-3 layers. Prior to that, it is important to do the alignment of the basement level.

Next is the cap. It is usually thinner Foundation 8-10cm. The base can be erected of brick or concrete pouring continue.

Don’t forget in the ground part of the concrete, it is necessary to leave the vents, this will reduce the accumulation of moisture under the floor.

For leveling the surface, make a screed of cement mortar (composition: 1 cement and 3 parts sifted sand). The composition should be thick, and the layer thickness of 3mm.

After the screed dries out a bit, the surface is leveled with a trowel.

Screed will give the Foundation for increased resistance to moisture, but, nevertheless, the cap also needs to be protected from exposure to precipitation with bitumen and roofing material.

Adhering to these guidelines, you will be able to make a solid and reliable Foundation with their hands under the cottage.

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