How to make early spring in the greenhouse heat

warm greenhouse

Nothing warms the soul not residents of the southern regions, as a kind of one built on the plot, in the name of which just included the reminder about the heat.

This, of course, about country greenhouse. Different sizes and designs, they serve one higher purpose: to provide us with a harvest regardless of weather conditions.

Like a fantastic portal hothouse takes place, where it is located, where light, hot, in a word, it’s almost our personal little South!

Fresh greens in April – so! Vegetables before the first frost – of course! In short, to convince the present owner of the advantages of greenhouses are not necessary, he will embrace the idea with both hands.

But to warn against some common mistakes – can and should! Material polycarbonate now in Vogue, it is more durable than conventional film.

The problem is that the finished greenhouse made of polycarbonate, or assembled manually, can give you a nasty surprise, if you will not prepare under her ground.

In the spring, when the snow melts under the rays of the sun, but the nights are still cold, the temperature a «bridge» between the natural environment and microclimate inside the greenhouse is several tens of degrees.

The soil inside warms up faster than soil outside of buildings, but not fast enough, so plants be comfortable.

External heated part of the plant is ready to grow and develop, but the roots are still sleeping, it is cold and excessively humid.

So close to the disaster, the plant can get sick, wither and die. And what’s the greenhouse, which certainly wasn’t cheap, better than the usual ridges covered with a film?

Still have to wait for optimal weather conditions, which is inefficient. What should I do? That’s right: to look for other solutions in accordance with the laws of physics and agronomy!

First of all, you need a sturdy Foundation from a material with high thermal insulation properties. — Claydite-concrete, foam concrete, aerated concrete, penopolistirolbeton, opilkobeton (arbolita).

Additionally it is better to bury, that’s when the greenhouse is in a «pedestal» will be much slower to give produced during the day heat at night. Further, the beds inside the building should be high.

The benefits of this arrangement are obvious. First of all, increasing the layer of fertile land (this is especially appreciated by such plants as peppers, tomatoes).

Then, is achieved by so-called chimney effect (for those not aware: the Russian furnace can keep the temperature a few days!).

Yes, and weeding will be much easier to not have to drop before the low bed on his knees. Further, when the device of the greenhouse lies inside a pair of pipes (ø 120-200 mm) and – attention! – fill their plastic bottles with water.

Another tip – instead of conventional ventilation, set the design of the fan and thermostat.

All these tricks can not only keep warm, but also to direct it on the correct vector into the garden beds.

Can be used for the same purposes as ordinary snow. If you fill them all the greenhouses on the perimeter of the solid layer (the height of the cap), it will block access cold inside, all the snow is a great insulator.

But with the onset of the first Sunny days the snow need to be removed, so the basement and the earth around quickly warms up, you can put the first green on distillation. The result will not keep itself waiting.

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