How to make drains in the house?

How to make drains in the house?

This question is most concerned with those living in your house, because the apartment sewage is already there.

I must say at once that the subject of sewage in the house serious enough.

Varieties of sewer

There are three main types of sewers:

  • 1. Internal. This includes communication in the house;
  • 2. External. Such communications are outside the home;
  • 3. Pit.

Of course, to do drains in the house so that operational issues in the future had no problems.

The main part of the structure must be located in the basement, and the rest inside the house.

How to make drains in the house

Getting started you need to do «focus» on the slope of sewer pipes.

If during installation a mistake is found, the stagnation of effluents will be guaranteed.

Also keep in mind that the sewer outlet shall be located above the place where the drain hose enters the standpipe.

Breather pipe should have a maximum length of 10 meters. A straight line segment of any disqualification must have an angle greater than 90°.

The connection of the riser and a sewer pipe is made using different tees or crosses (fittings).

As for the riser, its diameter must be at least 10 cm In such pipe it is necessary to make a hatch to be able, if necessary, revise.

Tube is necessary to properly secure and at the same time to follow the seams so they were smooth.

For external Sewerage not suitable for every pipe. The best option is polypropylene or PVC corrugated pipe. Before buying you need to calculate the number of tubes.

Naturally, the cross section of the removal should be the same as the pipe. If the diameters are different, connections use adapters or reducers.

For the tightness of the sewer holes in the house need to purchase plugs.

Also will need fasteners to fix the pipes because the water-filled, they have a considerable weight. We should not forget about Hermetica. You can use silicone.

In fact, the sewage in the house is not so difficult to do. The main thing you need to know that for example, a waste pipe from a bath or toilet must have a small slope (about 4° per meter) toward the riser. This will allow the water and drains better place.

Next you need to make a hole in the Foundation and to bring the pipe outside the house. The slope should be about 15 degrees.

Further, the slope shall be about 3 degrees. Lesser degree will significantly slow down the water output, and more, allow the water to come out faster than the debris particles. This can lead to congestion in the system.

The next step will be digging a trench for sewer pipes. Depth will be

How to make drains in the house?

depend on the local climate. If it is very cold, deeper than 0.5 meters and definitely need insulation.

In conclusion, you need to make a cesspool. It may be a hole, whose walls are lined with brick «Windows».

Also, as an option in the sewage pit to place the sealed container, which will drain fluid.

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