How to make concrete with their hands

concrete mixer

In a country life does not always have the opportunity to hire workers works for concrete work, not only in financial difficulties, sometimes the amount of work is not large and it is easier to do with their hands.

Who loves to make everything yourself, the reasons are not important.

Most importantly, if you have decided to start concrete work in the country, you need to understand the basic principles of how to make concrete with their hands.

Because of the quality of the solution depends on the reliability and durability of your design.

Will be very sorry if you flooded the track after the winter will begin to crumble, or a constructed Foundation under the summer pergola cracks.

To avoid this you must strictly adhere to the proportions of the blend components. To make the concrete with good quality components (gravel, sand, cement) must meet certain requirements.

The sand should not contain impurities. The cement to be expired, otherwise the quality of the concrete will be much lower.

In the gravel also should not be any additives, and the fraction is not more than 20-30mm. The number of components necessary to calculate in advance.

Before you start to do concrete, it would be nice to get a concrete mixer or mixing container and shovel.

Much easier if the capacity is large and deep. When making concrete easier to mix components.

Once you prepare everything, you can start to make concrete with their hands. As already mentioned, special importance is the mixing ratio of the components.

Mark the finished concrete depends on the amount of water and cement. To make durable concrete amount of fluid should be 0,7-0,9 relative to the cement.

table of components for the manufacture of concrete

Excess water will lead to the formation of voids and cracks. You should also consider the humidity of the sand.

Another important point at carrying out of concrete works – formwork. This important component you should not skimp on the finances.


formwork strip Foundation for concrete

will also depend on the outcome. To obtain a smooth concrete structure, before filling with concrete, cover the inner walls of the polyethylene, then zashtukaturivat will leave less funds.

After filling the formwork with concrete, be sure to perform a seal to fill the air cavities, and cover the top with plastic.

You can use the mixer construction, and improvised a piece of rebar. First in a cement mixer filled with sand, then cement.

After well mixing the gravel, and last of all water. Made of concrete with their hands should resemble very thick cream.

Even after curing the concrete is not ready for heavy loads, all the Foundation will be suitable for further work in a month, the garden paths can be used in 3-4 days.

1m3 of dry mortar shrinkage after you get about 0.75 m3. To prepare 1 m3 of concrete is necessary to take more dry materials, be sure to consider it.

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