How to make compost in the country


The compost produced during the decomposition of organic in which the organic material decomposes into water vapor, carbon dioxide and nutrient humus.

After digestion of plant and food waste, produces compost soil, which is a high-quality fertilizer with the necessary amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium.

Making compost in the country can be almost any organic waste.

Subsequently, you can add it when digging the soil for any ornamental and vegetable crops.

For better composting large substances are crushed with a shovel in smaller or recycled garden shredder (shredder).

To lay the compost pile in the garden by choosing the right place for this. It’s usually not very pale in the far corner of the garden, away from the gazebo and other places.

Dig a hole no deeper than 50cm, the length of the sides may be different, but for convenience it is better to do the same about 1m.

The bottom and walls pits closed flat slate or roofing material. Fill the hole with organic material and set on top of a wooden box with a height of about 1m.

Box also need to cover or roofing material or slate. Within 2-3 years the process of decay, during this time, all full mass is converted into compost, with the exception of the top layer, which is placed in the bottom of a new compost pile.

To determine the quality and readiness of compost is possible on several grounds. The presence of mold, with large concentrations of ants, naberegnaja plant residues and wet smelly mass, indicate that the compost is not high quality.

Good compost has a uniform, dark and crumbly structure that smells of fresh earth.

If for any reason Your compost does not meet the standards, and has traces of mold and there is a smell of rottenness, just add sawdust. They will absorb excess moisture, decomposition go on in a natural way.

Ants usually infest if the compost is dry. You can destroy them with special preparations and to prevent this from happening in the future, you need to monitor the humidity in a compost heap.

The lack of moisture, You will find that plant a mass of poorly perepela. To rectify the situation, if you add fresh cut grass and continue to maintain the humidity in a compost heap.

How to make compost in the country

Making compost at the cottage can be faster for one summer season.

This should be carried out periodically shoveling the entire mass and to constantly monitor the humidity, then the next year the compost will be ready and available for use.

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