How to make a warm bed at the cottage

how to make a warm bed

In many regions of Russia to grow an early crop of vegetables, perhaps just by making warm a bed.

The most traditional way – using manure.

This method of warming the beds were available to many gardeners, as almost every yard contained farm animals, manure was not.

In modern conditions, to get it organic fertilizer, and even in large quantities, it turns out not every gardener.

It is clear, began inventing new methods for the arrangement of warm beds.

How to make a warm bed

One of the ways how to make a warm bed in their area, will be discussed in this article. My experience says Adolph S., horticulturist and gardener with forty years experience.

When our company gave the land for the cottages, we got the plot in place of the drained swamps, overgrown with bushes and trees. Difficult we have had to bring a few dozen cars of peat, sand and earth.

The entire summer season spent on the improvement of the Park, several times even wanted to give up and to quit.

Next year, joint efforts and raised the first crop, but rich is not one of them was. The beds after the winter was heated and quickly cooled down in the fall.

Because of the swampy area the beds all the time went under the earth had to carry in buckets of soil from the nearby forest and pour.

This went on for several years, the garden was already throwing a pity, so much effort spent, and to grow a good crop, or does not succeed.

Began to think, how to make a warm bed. The idea was spied in one of the shows on TV and decided to try it.

First off the top fertile layer. On the site of the future warm beds dug a trench about 30-35cm. the depth at the bottom of which is laid tightly closed tubes plastic bottles.

They put layers of paper, grass, leaves, bark, sawdust. Returned to the place of the ground. Pretty high bed. The method is justified, the crop made a warm bed was noticeably different from the rest.

For next season, the same technology did other beds. The advantage is that the soil does not sink, and does not require annual bedding ground, the bottle of air does not allow the cold swamp to get to the roots of plants.

how to make a warm bed

Eventually took hold was during and the harvest heat-loving crops.

If anyone faced the same problem, try to make a warm bed out of plastic bottles and compare the result, especially because they are now more than manure.

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