How to make a doghouse with their hands

doghouse own hands

In the cottage, love cottage or private house to contain dogs in cages it is desirable, especially when it comes to large breeds.

About it we already told in the article «enclosures for the dogs on the dacha with his own hands».

Also need a doghouse, which can also be done by hand.

Doghouse own hands

To make the box for dogs is not difficult, regardless of its size. For building perfect cement particle Board or wood.

Accommodation for four-legged friend will be pretty durable, and with proper treatment antiseptic and moisture proof.

The roof need to make a slight slope covered with flat slate. In this case, the dog will be protected from natural rainfall and will be able to relax and bask in the sun.

Roofing iron and roofing the roof of the booth is better not to sheathe, as the iron will be hot, but felt it will quickly tear.

Usually dog house has a rectangular shape, the dimensions of which are selected individually for each pet.

Dimensions should be optimal that the animal was free to stretch out, stretching his legs, and in winter kept warm.

Measure your pet lying on its side with outstretched feet, add 10 cm, it’s width and length. The height of the box is the distance to the withers plus 10cm. Entrance is calculated based on the width of the chest plus 5cm.

These sizes are recommended by dog trainers and as a dog the first year is actively growing, housing will have to rebuild several times. For this reason, the dog house with your own hands is cheaper than store bought.

Now that you have decided on the material and size, you can begin construction. I will describe the manufacture of boxes of wood.

We need edged boards in the thickness not less than 20 mm, pieces of wood 50×50, 40×40 mm and nails or screws.

Before you start building please note that the building has to be raised, so that rain and melt water is not trapped inside.

You can pour the concrete pad to a height of about 10 cm or folded out of brick. Size fabricate a frame made of beams. Internal measurements should be 40 mm more on your measurements.

After that panel inside frame boards and lay the floor. Try to leave no gaps. Then insulate the walls and floor with mineral wool panel and the doghouse outside.

If housing in the winter will not be used to do without insulation and single layer. The roof is made removable, and one side is hung on hinges.

Then tidy dog housing will be comfortable.

See how to make a doghouse with his own hands is not difficult, left to give her beautiful coloring to match the design of your suburban area.

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