How to make a beehive with your own hands

how to make a beehive with your own hands

Currently a very popular activity is beekeeping.

Get your high-quality, delicious, natural honey wants a growing number of people.

Honey is very useful and even healing, but only if it’s real.

Complete quality assurance can only give our own apiary. For the maintenance of apiaries to be at least one bee hive with the bee colony, and a set of tools for the beekeeper.

Especially popular are the hive on the frame 435*300mm, the so-called beehive risers Charles Dagana and hives-sunbeds.

We are interested in the simple version 12 framework the beehive, made with their own hands with one of store the extension 12 of the frame size 435*145 mm. you can Also make a hive with two shops on the 24th frame.

The bee hive with your hands

First, you need at least some experience in joinery, and secondly, the material from which will make. Perfect pine.

1. Getting to the manufacture of the hive, at first, acquainted with its standard dimensions. 1.1. Internal size 450*450mm.1.2. Distance from the inner wall to the frame should be about 8 mm. 1.3. Distance from the frame to the frames 12-13mm.1.4. The width of the frame is 25mm.1.5. Distance from the bottom to the bottom frame bar 15-20mm.1.6. The distance from the upper bar frame and lower bar frames standing on top of the store should be 10mm.

bee hive DIY scheme

2. Material for the hive can serve well dried Board 40mm thick, resinous wood. To Board over the entire length had the same thickness, it can be treated with the help of surface gauge. As a result of processing thickness shall be 35mm.

Using wood glue, gather the sides and bottom of the hive from floorboards, it is possible for the best density of the product, to hold them in a clamp.

3. Given the standard inner dimensions of the hive 450×450, we obtain the required billet lengths.

3.1. Using the formula 35+35+450, get the length between the front and rear wall 35 is the thickness of the Board

bee hive bottom

3.2. The length of the side boards to calculate how 20+20+450 where the 20mm is the depth of the quarter, selected from the front and rear walls, to which will attach the side boards.

bee hive frame

3.3. Mount the bottom we also in the quarter, selected from side and back walls. The bottom of the hive from the front wall comes out to 3-5cm.

bee hive body

4. Make two hole on the front wall. Dimensions: height 10mm, length not less than 250mm. Second year doing 70 mm from the top edge in the form of round holes or cracks.

bee hive body

5. Store nastavki on a hive made in the amount of one or two pieces, the frame size 435*145mm.

the bee hive with your hands

As you can see, to make the bee hive their hands is not particularly difficult, and if you want the power of each. And if the first does not succeed, the next ones will be better.

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