How to keep watermelon in the winter

How to keep watermelon in the winter

In summer watermelons are commonplace for us, but in the winter they are not.

There are several ways to preserve watermelons for a long time, and this can be done with fresh fruits and they can be preserved.

Storage of watermelon fresh

Order this product for a long time to keep fresh, you need to buy late-ripening varieties.

When you choose you need to carefully inspect the watermelon for damage, scratches and cracks. The most important rule – the fruit needs to keep its integrity.

A room intended for the storage of the watermelon should be well ventilated, to be dark and dry.

Watermelon during storage must not come into contact with any surfaces, even if it’s his brothers.

You need to put it on something soft, for example, on the straw. This easy method will allow to save the watermelon at least before the Christmas holidays, and maybe much longer.

If there is no such space, where you could stack the watermelons, they can be stored in limbo.


For this purpose the fruit should be wrapped in newspaper and put it in an opaque bag from the fabric and then hang. In the room must be maintained at a low temperature and low humidity.

To save watermelon fresh perfect sand. For this purpose the berries are placed in any container and cover with sand, then cover with a lid and placed in a cellar.

Storing watermelon in revised form

This berries can be cooked with a wonderful jam. For that flesh need to be cut into small pieces (2 cm), remove all the seeds, cover with a layer of sugar and leave to stand for three hours.

1 kg of watermelon need 1300 grams of sugar. The extracted juice is poured and make a syrup with the sugar, then fill them with the flesh of the watermelon and heated to boiling. After that, the pan is removed from heat and infuse for 8 hours.

Then, the procedure of boiling is repeated once more, after which the infusion lasts 4 hours. Then jam to add a bit of vanilla and citric acid, again boiled and distributed to banks.

Watermelon candied fruit

They are made from thick green part of the watermelon rind. It can be cut or leave whole, add cold water and boil for about seven minutes.

How to keep watermelon in the winter

The liquid is then drain, peel carefully dried and put in the cooled syrup.

For its preparation you need to measure 400 ml of water take 1 kg of sugar per kilogram of crust.

Watermelon candied fruit in syrup is boiled and cooled consistently about 4 times, until they become transparent.

However, our family’s way to preserve watermelon is not considered to be a very, very good.

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