How to insulate wooden house (inside and out)

How to insulate wooden house

Despite the fact that wood is very warm, after the construction of a wooden house may question its insulation.

It’s hard to argue with the fact that bleak house will never be comfortable.

The question of insulation of a wooden house is not that complicated. It is possible to insulate yourself and, if possible, to hire specialists.

How to insulate wooden house outside

Most often, wooden house insulated on the one hand, or inside or outside. The best option is external insulation, because then the area of the premises remains the same as before.

For external insulation of wooden houses are used mineral wool. Also very successfully used polystyrene. These materials have excellent hold precious heat.

Wool, for example, is quite elastic, which makes it easier with her work. Even if the tree will be deformed, the efficiency of the wool is reduced.

After work with cotton, the wooden house can be clad with boards or siding, then the exterior of the house will have a beautiful and well-groomed appearance. But external insulation to do in the summer.

You also need to think about the vapor barrier wall. This allowed to use aluminum foil or other material. The tightness of the vapour barrier layer should be maximized.

Glass wool is also used for the insulation of the house. From the frost building will be well protected with a double layer of glass wool. When installing the wool, you need to avoid gaps.

How to insulate wooden house inside

In this case, the work will be much greater, because you need to insulate the roof, walls, and flooring. Start to work with the roof.

Most often for internal insulation of wooden houses using the technology «warm seam.» This approach is applicable for those who care about the appearance of wood.

The advantage of this technology is the increased tightness of the premises, fire safety, cost effectiveness, excellent water vapor permeability.

Internal insulation of the house fits the aforementioned mineral wool. It perfectly absorbs noise, retains heat, and possess fire resistance. Using mineral wool, you need to remember about the possibility of air circulation.

Popular heat insulation material is laid. This kind of paroizolyator, which retains heat.

In addition, the heat insulation material is laid to protect the house from moisture, dust, noise and radiation. This

how to insulate wooden house

the material is durable.

Cheap and easy way can be called the insulation with foam. But in this case there is a possibility of fire.

We can say unequivocally that if you have previously studied the technology of warming a wooden house and choose a quality material, problems will arise.

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