How to insulate the walls of the house inside and out

How to insulate house walls

It’s hard to argue that any housing require insulation.

In particular, this issue is crucial in relation to the walls of the building.

No matter what the material used for the construction of houses, it is brick or wooden blocks, walls should be insulated.

The theme of how to insulate house walls, is of concern to many.

Someone thinks that to solve this problem by the method of thermal insulation of walls inside the building, while others believe that it is sufficient to insulate the house from the outside, but some do and the first and second. And by the way, the last one right.

Exterior insulation

Best for outdoor use to use mineral wool, expanded polystyrene, Styrofoam. For fixing each of them require different methods. But they are faced with a finishing material to give the house a tidy look.

So, in order to insulate the house from outside erotizirovat wool, you first need to build a frame. For its construction it is possible to use metal profile or sticks (slats) of wood.


If you plan to use the bars, their section shall be 3×5 cm as For fixing metal profiles, bars and use screws or dowels.

Mineral wool is cut into pieces which are larger than the width between the uprights crates about 10 cm.

This difference is necessary to avoid gaps between pieces of insulation. Often additional fastening is not necessary, but can be beat for reliability of Reiki.

Now you can take on the finishing work. If the surface of the walls will be faced with siding, the installation of an additional sheathing is not necessary. The siding is allowed to attach to the erected crate.

Internal insulation

To insulate the walls of the house inside, it is possible to method of plastering the walls or using erotizirovat wool and foam.

Before performing the plastering on the wall attach the reinforcing mesh. The plaster mix must be applied in three layers.

The initial layer is applied by «spraying» with a thickness of 8-10 mm, the second layer has a thickness of 50 mm, the third layer is not more than 4 mm. the Last layer smooths and hides all the defects.

Mineral wool is also not less effective. But for its installation requires a crate. The design consists of strips attached in a vertical position. The distance between the slats depends on the width of the roll.

But keep in mind that the width of the roll of cotton should be wider than the distance between the rails is approximately 10 cm, to avoid gaps. The crate must be laid waterproofing layer, and then fill the space with mineral wool.

How to insulate the walls of the house inside and out

The walls of the house, you can make and foam. In advance to smooth the surface plastered. Lay a waterproofing layer.

Mount foam construction is performed with the adhesive applied to the wall. The sheets are placed back to back, but staggered to prevent the formation of cracks and gaps.

Further insulation is placed vapor barrier and after work doing the walls. For this, you can use siding, drywall, etc.

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