How to insulate a garage yourself


  • 1. Insulation of the floor
  • 2. Insulating the ceiling
  • 3. Walls and gates

How to insulate a garage

Most car owners will agree that more comfortable to be in a warm garage to the host, and insulated garage has all the optimal conditions for the maintenance of the car.

To insulate the garage by yourself, but it is worth to say that the difference between the temperature outside of the walls inside the garage should be no more than 5°C.

First we need to think about ventilation, because carbon monoxide gases can contribute to poor health. And the presence of condensation when using a heater will cause corrosion of the car body.

With internal insulation the insulated garage, from floor and finishing roof. Gates also is no exception. Otherwise all the work will have no meaning.

To insulate the garage, you need a mixer or other bulk container, shovel, construction mixer. An electric drill, hacksaw, saw, pliers, screwdriver.


Insulation of the floor

In the garage, it is constructed of metal or brick, concrete floors always do. For this inside the ground is well tamped, the top layer of sand is placed at least 10 cm, level and thoroughly tamped.

Thereafter, the entire surface is poured concrete with a thickness of 8-10 cm Screed to dry. Further, the concrete floor laid insulation. This can be any loose material such as gravel or sand.

On the surface of the reinforcing mesh is placed and fixed lights. Now again pour the concrete in the same layer.

Insulating the ceiling

As for the ceiling, then the insulation of the garage with a gable roof using foam. It is attached with liquid nails or use glue. In addition, fix the plugs.

You can also apply polyurethane foam. It is applied in liquid form on the entire surface. The ceiling is absolutely smooth and without seams. If you have the opportunity and desire, use this material to decorate the walls.

Walls and gates

Insulate the walls can be similar to ceiling, but it all depends on the material from which walls were built. For metal use Styrofoam, which is placed directly on the metal. Krepjat on glue.

Connection blow out with foam. After the solutions to dry, better yet, insulate the garage, you can use the finishing trim on top of the Styrofoam.

Brick walls insulated with mineral wool. Once the walls are covered by waterproof tape. Next, attach the crate. It can be done from the profile or strips.

Inside the crates are placed wool, and on top of it is the waterproofing layer. The last step will be paneling finishing material.

For insulating gate, it is recommended to apply the foam. But it is important that the material not support combustion.

Rather, the foam will be covered with paneling, so the mounting points to perform better over the entire length of the gate.

Where there are stiffeners, set the pieces of wood. The paneling will be attached to them.

The heat in the garage you can also save if the gate install the gate. At the perimeter of the door glued rubber or rubberized termolenta.

And yet, in the winter in the garage need to install additional heating.

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