How to insulate a floor in a wooden house

How to insulate a floor in a wooden house

To retain heat in a wooden house, a little to insulate the walls, you need to deal with insulation of the floor, because often the cold «walking» it across the floor.

In collusion with the cold can be and drafts. For this reason, you need to insulate the floor in a wooden house.

How to insulate a floor in a wooden house

Insulation of the floor can be divided into three stages:

  • 1. Insulation;
  • 2. Vapor barrier;
  • 3. Sexual shelter.

First you need to put wooden logs. Then they fasten the boards or shields, and on them is laid the insulation and vapor barrier layer, which should be laid with overlaps.

For the vapor barrier is allowed to use polyethylene film. This design the top is covered with boards and flooring.

Material for floor insulation

Basically it is mineral wool which can be glass, stone and slag. In addition, the course is cellulose fibre insulation, polyurethane foam heat insulation material is laid, izolon and polystyrene.

All this modern stuff, but you can use the «ancestral method.» As insulation of the floor in the house is allowed to use foam, sawdust and clay.

The final choice depends on the preferences of the owner and its capabilities.

For example, if you use as insulation of floor in a wooden house chips, you can save considerably finances to insulate even the most remote places. In addition, this material is harmless to humans.

With this job can be done by any man. In the course can go almost all building materials made of sawdust.

I must say that sawdust is not afraid temperature changes, so they can be used, including in those places where climatic conditions are not reliable.

But if you use sawdust for floor insulation to exclude moisture. Otherwise, the material will rot and rot.

Also, it can be woody knots, which are produced from sawdust with copper sulphate and cement.

You can use pellets (sawdust granules), which perfectly retain heat and virtually no burn. An excellent material is opilkobeton and arbolit.

But mostly known is mineral wool. It is absolutely not lit, perfectly keeps heat and sound insulation.

Mineral wool goes on sale in the form of an elastic Mat or solid slab, which

How to insulate a floor in a wooden house

it is marked by a blue stripe. This designation must look up.

For floor insulation in a wooden box, such plates should be laid in a single layer.

The latest innovation for floor insulation is heat insulation material is laid.

This is a rolled material that has two layers — insulation and a reflector in the form of aluminum foil.

Varieties of heat insulation material is laid quite a lot and each of them has its advantages.

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