How to install a water heater yourself

install a water heater yourself

Shortages of hot water to happen, even in apartments, and in many cottage villages and suburban areas this service is non-existent.

The lack of hot water gives the owners great inconvenience.

But this problem is solved quite simply, and cheaply — for this, you just need to buy an electric water heater and install it yourself.

This will be discussed in this article.

First, you must decide: what is the principle of operation of the heater you need.

Tankless water heater is compact in size, easy to connect and fairly cheap.

But it has a drawback — it consumes a lot of energy.

Tankless water heater creates the necessary temperature of the water as you use hot water.

But when operating this device in the electrical network is high load.

In most cases electrical wiring in the country in advance for this load is not intended.


Therefore, by setting the water heater to connect it will have from the switchboard via a separate cable.

From storage heater principle of operation is quite different. It can be connected to a conventional outlet, as it consumes much less power.

Such water heaters by design are horizontal, vertical, circular and flat.

Select the device is pre-determining the free space for its placement, as well as knowing the amount of hot water you are going to consume.

It is necessary to consider also that the larger the volume of the tank, the heating time of the water increases, also increases power consumption.

Typically, water heaters are usually installed in the bathroom, the shower in the summer.

Each model of the water heater is wall-mounted version, so it included is a mounting strap.

Using anchor fasten the placket, and on it we hang the water heater. Then the input water.

Using plastic pipe of the necessary diameter, you can install the heater independently without the help of professionals.

First we need to crash into the cold water supply pipe. Choose a place and cut the pipe to install the tee, which will connect the input of the water heater.

Before entering the heater, it is necessary to cut the stopcock, and the output of the hot water you need to put a pressure relief valve and tee that gives the wiring on consumers in the shower.

If the water heater is installed in the house can also display the hot water in the sink.

All connections are made by means of a threaded connection adapter, which should enclose the plumbing thread or tape.

The next step will be connecting the heater with the network of electricity. Almost all devices have included electrical cord, which can be done independently.

To connect a suitable three-core copper cable section 1,5 square. In a separate circuit protective grounding be sure to connect the green ground wire.

After all the work you can try the device. For this purpose, the required temperature is set by thermostat.

The instructions indicated the time needed to wait. After that, look around the joints of the pipes.

If the leak is absent, the heater can be used.

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