How to improve soil fertility

to increase soil fertility

The first and most important sign of deterioration of soil fertility is the decline in the yield of crops that grow in this area; more frequent cases of diseases of plants; increase in the number of pests.

To return the soil to its previous level is possible.

To improve soil fertility should spend a few Wellness «procedures».

How to improve soil fertility


  • 1. Organise proper crop rotation. The main condition for the proper distribution of planting is that of annual and biennial plants can be planted in the same spot for at least five years. Simply put, every year change the areas where grow such crops.


  • 2. Improve the soil by planting special plants. This method will help quickly revive the land. The cultures that are medicine for the soil are: garlic, wormwood, nettle, shepherd’s purse and others.


  • 3. Populate the impoverished soil of the red California worms. These worms belong to the class of ordinary earthworms are their subspecies.

The advantage of Californian worms is high fecundity and the ability to process a large number of different organics.

This method is not very popular, but every year is used more often. The soil processed by worms, gives a much better yield.

  • 4. Apply a heat treatment. This method is good for small plots of depleted soil. In hothouses and greenhouses it is possible to quickly increase the fertility of soil by treating it using high temperature.

The result of this treatment will be to destroy various pests and weeds, clearing of fertile soil.

  • 5. Use the fertilizer. Don’t forget to bring the soil organic matter: manure, ash and compost. These fertilizers are still widely used and give good results.


  • 6. Plant companion plants. Along with the main crop where you need to get a good harvest, put plants that improve the soil condition. These include marigolds, rosemary, chamomile and some others.

This mix of cultures gives excellent results: improves the General condition of the main plants; reduced morbidity; increased flavor rating of the fruit.

In addition, in the period of flowering and associated plants are very attractive to insects, which contributes to the pollination of the main crop.

  • 7.Let the soil rest. Periodically, every few years, let’s «vacation» land. The topsoil does his work accordingly and he sometimes needs to rest.

While the soil is resting, make the mulch, apply fertilizer, perekapyvayut soil. In the autumn rested deeply dig the soil,

to increase soil fertility

below the top layer was at the bottom.

8.Sow the soil with green fertilizer (green manure). Sowing should be done in early fall after harvest. The cover crops are: cereals (rye, oats), sunflower, mustard.

Green manure rich in nitrogen compounds, macronutrients, sugars and trace elements.

To get the desired result, the green manure is harvested in early flowering period and buried or left on the soil surface all winter long.

To increase the fertility of the soil is time – consuming work, but it is a necessary condition for improving the quality of fertile soil and a rich harvest.

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