How to grow wild mushrooms in the country

And you wonder how to grow wild mushrooms in the country?

That is real and valuable boletus, boletus, aspen, mushrooms, CEP and chanterelle mushrooms and not oyster mushrooms and champignon mushrooms, which grow in the beds with sawdust and wood.

Wild mushrooms grow only in the vicinity of the trees because the mycelium penetrates the roots of the tree and forms grimacing.

In fact, to grow wild mushrooms at the cottage it is possible, under certain conditions.

In the area should be at least a few aspens, pines, birches, oaks. You can also organize the cultivation of mushrooms in the nearby forest.

To grow wild mushrooms in several ways. For example, for cultivation of boletus and aspen young used to grind mushrooms.

They just need to dig in several places the root zone of the tree. Then the mycelium will penetrate into the roots, and the following year can receive the first few mushrooms.

Or throw chopped pieces of young forest mushrooms. This should be done on a rainy day, and be sure to cover fallen leaves.

However in this case you will need regular hydration sites. In this way, perhaps to even grow a white fungus.

More reliable option to grow wild mushrooms, through the planting mycelium from spores. Milled in Mature mushrooms add a 1st. L. flour and gelatin, mix well and pour this composition of the selected area.

Next year should be formed mycorrhiza, and after two or three seasons will start fruiting. This method is more reliable, and therefore popular with gardeners who like to grow mushrooms, but it is good if close to garden grove, where you can create a mushroom plantation.

The most affordable option for country the cultivation of forest mushrooms, is a suillus. It

to grow mushrooms in the country

prolific, likes diffused light and calcareous soil.

Your only task will be to find plentifully fructify young pine.

It is desirable, that were absent in the neighborhood like suillus, edible mushrooms, for example, «dirty yellow-footed».

After transplantation to grow forest mushroom will be the third holiday season, but after that the harvest will be each year, and all summer long, since may and till the autumn.

To place young pines are better on grass, and in dry weather watered regularly.

It is noticed that in the garden boletus practically carveout, and manages to raise the cap up to 10cm in diameter.

Now everything is in your hands, if you want, you will be able to grow wild mushrooms at his dacha.

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