How to grow watermelons in Siberia

how to grow watermelons in Siberia

If you adhere to the recommendations of the breeders, to grow watermelons in Siberia even in the open ground, with special care they required.

All this thanks to specially bred varieties of watermelons.

In Siberia they grow watermelons ripening varieties.

Proven:the Siberian – the maturation of 77 days, the fruit up to 5 kg;Sibirskie Ogni – 80 days, up to 5 kg;Pannonian – Matures in 72 days, weight about 3-5kg;Crimson Sweet – 80dney, weight 3.5-5kg;ultra-early – ripening 80 days, up to 3-4kg;the Light variety is early maturing, but small fruits, about 2 kg.

The ripening of watermelons is given from the moment of germination until harvest. Guaranteed to grow watermelons in Siberia can seedling method.

A heat-loving plant, so grow they need to be in elevated warm beds prepared in the fall. Details can be found in the article » How to make a warm bed in the country «.

So, for a month before transplanting into the soil to begin growing. First, cook the seeds, as well as other cultures.

I soaked them in hot water (t=60°C), when the water cools to room temperature, the seeds take out and immerse in 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide for 20min., for disinfection.

Some stand watermelon seeds in potassium permanganate. Although, in my opinion, bleach is better, the plants grow strong and more resistant to disease. Further carry out the sowing instructions on the packet.

While seedlings growing at home, I’m at the cottage «thyme» hole in a warm bed. Add sand, ash and humus at the rate of 1:1:2 all is mixed well, shed water and cover each hole with glass, so the soil is warmed.

For growing watermelons in Siberia, seedlings are planted from 10 to 15 June, one plant in each hole. Distance in the range about 0.8 m, between rows-1,5 m.

First time in case of frost on the soil, all seedlings harboring non-woven material. When planting need to be watered only with warm water.

After 7-10 days, it is advisable fertilize in liquid mullein in concentration with water 1:10. In Siberia, the hot and dry summer, a rarity, so watering watermelons need a minimum.

Abundant amount of moisture they don’t like. In August, watering can completely stop, and use water only with feeding in the beginning of the month.

During this period, fertilize watermelons with phosphate-potash fertilizer.

The most important thing when growing watermelons in Siberia, it is necessary and timely to form the stems. One plant leaves a maximum of three of the stem, all formed by Stepsons pinch.

If this is not done, the moisture and nutrients will be distributed to all of the ovary and the plant will go into the foliage and the fruits will not ripen.

To the ovaries not rot, it is necessary for each formation of the fetus to put the plate and the growth gently turn fruit to other side.

The fruits will not have time to Mature, good to use for pickling.

Video grow watermelons in Siberia

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