How to grow tomatoes on the windowsill

How to grow tomatoes on the windowsill

If you want to have for lunch with fresh tomatoes?

Then you need to experiment and to grow it on my windowsill tomatoes from seed.

The lesson, of course, difficult, but the hard work will pay off fresh and fragrant tomatoes.

Instructions for growing tomatoes on a windowsill

  • 1. The first method. Prepared a wide receptacle to pour the peat. The surface needs to scatter the seeds, lightly cover with soil, press it on and pour water at room temperature.

The pot or box top cover with a plastic bag or glass. For ventilation, on the surface of the soil not there was mold, you need to periodically open the glass and shake off droplets of water.

After a week, you can see small sprouts. They should be subcultured. When the plant will have two main leaf – it’s time to transplant. You first need to dive into a pot with a volume of 0.5 l, and when there floral brushes, pot should be 3 liters.

  • 2. The second method. It is necessary to take small cups and sow every 1 seed. Should the growth of plants and increase the amount of pot that is Constantly to handle in a larger pot. Before transplanting, should be watered earth to the transplant roots were in a dense coma of the earth.


The soil around the sprout needs to keep the shape of the glass, where he grew up. In this case, it will not have to wait a long time to the plant was adapted to the new conditions.

  • 3. Purchase mix is unlikely to have to taste your tomatoes, because it is acidic. It is better to take the land in the Park or near the pond. The soil should be easy.

Now you need to mix the purchased soil that you have in stock, at a ratio of 1:1. To get rid of pests in the soil must be heated in the oven for 0.5 hours at 60°C.

  • 4. If you grow tomatoes on the balcony, without processing, Bordeaux liquid are not enough. It helps to prevent the development of Phytophthora.

Unlike other chemical drugs, Bordeaux liquid are not harmful and are very effective.

How to grow tomatoes on the windowsill

  • 5. As the redness of the fruit they need to be removed and sent for maturation in a separate place. Taken fruits reduce the load on the plant and contribute to the formation of new fruits.

Young plants need any special fertilizing, watering with warm water. The seedlings need to aerate, the soil must be protected from waterlogging.

If you saw that on the shoots showed signs of illness, the need to proceed immediately to a health action.

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