How to grow tomato seedlings

how to grow tomato seedlings

Depending on the weather conditions of the region where your favorite country, to grow seedlings of tomatoes starting from February to March.

Late varieties of tomatoes sown in February, and the mid and early maturing in March.

Before to grow seedlings of tomatoes, you must cook the seeds, drawers, base, place, fertilizer, extra lighting and all necessary accessories.

How to grow tomato seedlings — seeds

Before sowing seeds of tomatoes need to select and prepare. First check the quality of seeds.

To do this, dip them in a solution of salt (40g. to 1 liter of water), stir and wait a few minutes.

Remaining on the surface of tomato seeds are thrown, the rest must be washed in running water.

Now we need to make the decontamination treatment to kill fungal infectious diseases.

Prepare a 1% solution of potassium permanganate, and hold in it the seeds for 15 minutes, then rinse them under running water and proceed to the next procedure.

To a solution of potassium permanganate do not immerse dry seeds before doing this be sure to soak them in water for 30-40 minutes.

The turn came the seeds of saturation useful microelements. Dissolve in 1 l water potassium salt 0.3 g boric acid add 0.02 ml, 0.5 g of superphosphate, copper sulfate and 0.08 g ammonium sulphate 0.1 g, ammonium molybdate 0.05 g.

All of these components can be bought separately, but if you use them not often, it is better to purchase a ready solution especially for seeds.

In the mineral solution tomato seeds need to soak about 12 hours. Now from these seeds you can grow tomato seedlings.

About soil for seedlings

For growing seedlings you can prepare the soil mixture. Take 1 part peat, 1 part loam, 1 part river sand.

On 10l. a bucket of mix add 50g. chalk. If necessary, the peat can be replaced by compost soil. While stirring the soil mixture, it is necessary to moisten with mineral fertilizers. Dissolve in 10 liters.the bucket of water 20g.

potassium sulfate, 30g. superphosphate, 10g. urea. Add the solution into the mixture for seedlings to moisture status.

Alternatively, the soil mix you can buy in the store. They are sold ready-made and contain all the necessary components.


At the initial stage to grow seedlings of tomatoes, it is better to use for watering melted and pooled water.

How to grow tomato seedlings — Tara

Seeds are usually sown in large numbers, therefore, at first, used bulk boxes, and then picks the required number of seedlings, Bush put each seedling in a separate container.

For this purpose you can use paper cups, cut a plastic bottles and peat pots. In the bottom of bore 3 to the drain holes with a diameter of 3-5mm.

How to grow tomato seedlings

After preparation, you can begin planting and growing

how to grow tomato seedlings

seedlings. Boxes for 2 days filled with soil mixture to top edge of the walls left about 3cm.

The land sheds water well and cover with plastic film before sowing. If the mixture for seedlings to prepare yourself, need to moisturize with the addition of mineral fertilizers. Shops selling ready-mix for different vegetable crops.

Carefully using tweezers, tomato seeds, spread, slightly pressing on the surface of the soil. Try to keep distance between them equal 2cm, 3cm between rows.

On top sprinkle the soil mixture a bit to moisten the surface (you can spray), cover with film and leave in a warm place (near the battery).

Once a day, check the surface that the soil doesn’t dry out, otherwise you will not be able to grow seedlings of tomatoes.

With the advent of germination, remove the tape, and a box with seedlings, put on the prepared place, make sure that there was enough light, if daylight is less 14chasov, install additional lighting.

The first week it is desirable that the temperature did not exceed 15C., in the future, 18 ° C-23 ° C.

With the emergence of 2-true leaves, the tomato seedlings dive into individual cups. If the seedling has grown a lot during transplantation, deepen it to the cotyledons.

To grow tomato seedlings are strong and healthy, 10-12 days after the pick swipe the first feeding. Ingredients: 1 l water, 1.2 g of potassium sulfate, 3.5 g of superphosphate, 0.4 mocheviny.

If you have complex fertilizer for vegetables, use it according to instructions. After 14 days we can still have the bottom feeding. As fertilizers are applied together with irrigation, do not forget to loosen the soil.

Check the condition of the soil surface, so it doesn’t dry out, but watering should be moderate, not to pour the tomatoes don’t like it, you may receive the disease «black leg». Water under the root, from a teapot with a small spout.

how to grow tomato seedlings

When the street is warmer, and the day will be above 10 ° C, strong seedlings can be put on the balcony or loggia, as it will undergo hardening.

The first days protect tomato seedlings from direct sunlight to avoid burns. Gradually the time on the street increase, if the weather permits, you can even leave it on overnight.

Observing all the guidelines, you will be able to grow strong and healthy tomato plants that will delight you with a rich harvest.

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