How to grow the MOMORDICA in the country and particular care

how to grow the MOMORDICA

MOMORDICA, an exotic plant with unusual taste and has useful properties, so attracted the attention of many gardeners.

In previous articles I talked about the healing vines of the gourd family, and today I want to share my experience and tell you how to grow the MOMORDICA and how to take care of it.

The cultivation of the Vietnamese

The plant prefers good lighting and warm climatic conditions.

In the nutrient-drained soil, the root system develops better, thereby forming a rich ground mass.

Subject to the recommendations and to ensure favorable conditions possible to grow the MOMORDICA up to 3.5 m in height.

In some regions better than growing indoors.

Because of the size of the vines and growth characteristics, planted it along the fence, gazebos, mesh.

MOMORDICA quite tightly clinging tendrils for support and does not need to be tied.

The vine grows fairly quickly, so planting it near the gazebo, by the middle of summer its unusual decorative leaves (10-12 cm) will create partial shade.

Grown from the seeds of MOMORDICA. Sow them in peat pots 10×10 from March to mid-April. If you plant a vine it is assumed in the closed soil, it is possible earlier – in February.

Before sowing seeds need to be disinfected and germinate, it is necessary to carry out the stratification and soaking for a few days (10-12) in wet tissue and warm place.

After liberation from the shell and see the sprouts the Vietnamese seeds planted in soil mix. Use 3 parts compost and 1 soda land. Sowing depth up to 3cm.

Before sprouting it is better to cover with cling film and leave in a warm place (25°C).

Then, the foil is removed and the pots moved into the light. The ambient temperature should be between 18-20°C.

To grow seedlings with the Vietnamese on the windowsill, in the greenhouse, the greenhouse, the main thing that growing conditions were close to optimal.

Usually seedlings are grown up to months of age. Make sure that it is not stretched and did not develop. Before planting in the ground is carried out hardening seedlings just like tomatoes.

When heating the soil up to 16°C, can be planted. The distance between plants of about 10cm. At first it is necessary to provide shelter from sun and in case of night frosts.

At the initial stage it is advisable to install a support to support the vine, the more she will cling tendrils. MOMORDICA loves moisture, especially in the early stages of growth, so watering daily.

The grown plant is watered periodically, preventing drying of the soil.

Feeding is carried out as necessary, but if the soil was not prepared in the fall, 1 time in 2 weeks, fermented mullein diluted with water in ratio of 1:10, but it is better to prepare land in the fall. When digging make 7kg of manure on 1 sq. m.

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