How to grow sorrel in their own garden and the benefits of doing so


Sorrel appears on our gardens, one of the first.

It is very useful as a source of vitamins and minerals after the winter season, when the lack of vitamins leads to reduced immunity.

From sorrel soup and cook the soup, salads and cakes.

Its leaves are filled with iron, potassium, copper and zinc, sodium and magnesium, proteins and acids, vitamin C and carotene. But sorrel is also a medicinal plant.

For example, if you got a cut or broke a nosebleed, it will help to stop him. If your child has problems with worms, will also be essential.

When the disease is hepatitis or disorders in the liver is used as a cholagogue.

And those who are trying to restore the broken, for some reason, metabolism, sorrel broth will help deal with constipation. But abuse sorrel is also impossible.

This plant is a perennial and quite hardy. It tolerates light frosts without damage to plantings.

For the successful cultivation of sorrel only need three degrees of heat, and within a week sprouts appear.

This garden culture loves shadow, but can not stand strong moisture. But hot weather leads to early flowering, not particularly pleased with gardeners because the leaves are not as juicy and tender.

The area that you plan to take for growing sorrel, must be clean from weeds and to fertilize with manure or compost. Especially can’t stand this culture of wheat grass.

Good to use for planting sorrel peat or fertilizer from peat. However, and slightly acidic soil is also well suited for him, even without preliminary liming.

And in the spring it is advisable to make nitrogen fertilizer and deep to dig the garden. If you sow sorrel in the spring, in the same year, you will receive a fine crop of vitamin leaves.

Summer planting include crops the next spring, and late autumn sowing. But if summer planting germinate and enforce, the winter is calculated so that the seeds germinate the following year.

That’s why such planting is not desirable to do in places with unpredictable winters. Warm in winter, seeds can germinate and die from the ensuing cold.

When planting should be maintained between the rows the distance to thirty inches, and plant shallow – two centimeters in depth.


The seeds didn’t come to the surface during heavy rain or strong wind, the rows preferably tamped down with a special sealer in the form of a flat MOP with a wooden core.

Despite the fact that sorrel is grown in many areas and regions it grows in nature, as many plants are vulnerable to diseases and pests.

There is a sorrel leaf, which, together with aphids and Sawfly damage or a plant.

But the most unpleasant that the use of chemical drugs is possible only after removing the last leaves.

Cut the leaves should be six weeks before the frost so they didn’t cover the garden in a dense carpet that will destroy your new crop.

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