How to grow seeds at home

how to grow seeds at home

Many gardeners, not trusting the quality of seeds offered for sale tend to grow seeds at home.

You can get the seeds almost any vegetable crops.

However, it should be remembered that for this purpose you can use hybrids, but only high-quality copies.

Obtaining seeds of cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers


  1. Cabbage. To grow a seed crop of any variety to choose the best forks that will be the nursery. Dug out with a lump of earth, being careful not to damage the roots. Then placed in storage in the basement with a temperature of 5 degrees, buried in a box with moist sand.

In early spring the fallopian plugs planted in place, prepared in the autumn, remembering that the cabbage of different types and varieties planted close to each other, they are able to perepylytsia. If this happens, you can expect quality material.

Summer care for the liquor, just as for ordinary cabbage watered, fed, cultivated, weed, fight harmful insects. Seed pods that form on high stems, begin to ripen in early autumn.

It is not necessary to wait until they completely dry on the pointer, as the pods may crack, and the seeds will fall on the ground.

  1. Cucumbers. Healthy purebred plant cucumber note, which is the testicles, tying it to the stalk of a piece of rope. To avoid depletion of the mother plants and reduction of yield Zelentsov seed cucumber choose in the middle of one of the whips, but not close to the root. The fruit from which you want to grow seeds at home, needs to ripen well. However, he turns yellow, the pulp softens and becomes sour.

Prepared from testis, pre-cut in half, with a spoon remove the core and make it into the Cup.

The resulting mass is kept for three days in a dark warm place for fermentation. The seeds are then separated from the pulp by washing in running water. Further, they are well dried and cleaned for the storage of signed paper bags.

  1. Tomatoes. The variety of tomato, intended for seeds, choose from among the most largest and earliest in the second or third brush. Seeds of tomatoes produced by digestion as well as cucumber seeds. This gives you the opportunity to get rid of the protective shell of slime that covers the seeds. The pulp in a glass of water should be occasionally stirred to accelerate the fermentation process. Two days later, the suspension is washed, while on the bottom of the glass remains the largest and most high-quality seeds. how to grow seeds at home


  1. Pepper. The fruit selected for the role of the testis should be biologically ripe, that is, he must acquire the color characteristic of the variety. Ripe pepper Pozarevac during the week. While the fruit should not be softhearted.

Scoring the base of the stalk from the pepper, remove the core with seeds and separate them. Then, the resulting material dried. The shell of the testis can be used as food.

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