How to grow roses from seed

growing roses from seed

In a previous article we described how to grow roses from cuttings, this will detail and describe the master class on growing these lovely flowers seeds.

Material for planting can be purchased in the store, especially in recent years the choice has become much more diverse: polyanthus roses, species and their hybrids, multiflora and even roses of group floribunda.

The second option is to collect the fruits of roses at their summer cottage, closer to the end of the summer, by the time they have to purchase a yellowish or reddish hue.

Growing roses from seeds (master class)


  • The first thing neatly with a sharp knife cut the fruit into two halves and carefully extracted the seeds of roses, separating them from the pulp. Purchase get out of the bag. Not amazed, but the seeds can be different in size and color. This suggests that each rose grown from the seeds of a kind will be the original plant and only you.
  • All the plant material, put in sieve fine mesh and soak for 20-25 minutes in 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Instead of a sieve can be used gauze bag. Such processing is necessary for disinfection and reduce the formation of mold. Faint bubbles on the seed indicate the normal flow of the process, although they may not be.


  • Before you start growing roses from seed, they must go through stratification. For this, cotton pads, a piece of cloth or paper kitchen towel to soak peroxide, lay on it and cover the top seeds also soaked material. Put it all in a plastic bag and place in the refrigerator. The ideal temperature +4 — +5 ºc. Don’t forget the different varieties it is better to put separately and sign name and date. All stratification began.
  • Every few days check the seeds of roses when you see signs of mold, the operation of disinfection will have to repeat, install new material. Germs in the normal course of the process usually occur 45-60 days. Sprouted seeds can be sown in individual pots, you can use peat tablets.
  • When growing roses from seed can be «black leg», in order to protect seedlings from the disease, the surface, it is desirable to mulch 0.5-1cm layer of perlite. From this point they need 10 hours of light a day. As well as the most likely winter, you will have to install additional lighting, the plants will be strong and well developed.

Follow the soil moisture, it should not be dry. Soon you

growing roses from seed

will delight first the leaves, and the Bud will appear about 2 months after sowing.

Plants need care, water them, add fertilizer complex small quantities, observe, and in the spring the young bushes of roses, you can take on your favorite country to plant next to other colors.

Since then, the care is the same as for other roses. For next season, they’ll be stronger and more aromatic.

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