How to grow rose from cutting

how to grow a rose from cuttings

For gardeners flower lovers there is hardly a more worthy and famous rival of the rose.

Unfortunately, even this flower is not a long time to delight with its beauty and gradually fade.

But there is a way to give him a second life, and to grow rose from cutting.

To grow roses you can not only his beloved country, but also at home.

How to grow rose from cutting

This method of reproduction is an alternative to vaccination, and has certain advantages. Roses grown from cuttings do not form root seedlings, and it is easier to care for.

These flowers are easier to tolerate winter frosts, but even when freezing is easier to regenerate from dormant buds on the roots. And most importantly, the availability of planting material, to grow a rose from cuttings, can be almost any, taken even from the bouquet.

There are of course disadvantages, in the first year weak resistance through a slow acclimation, so you need to create certain conditions of wintering.

Brought because of the «Maritime countries» rose is better not to use for grafting, they are weakened and are usually «pumped up» various stimulants and preservatives.


The optimal time for propagation of roses by cuttings from late June to mid-July. A week after flowering choose the shoots formed from axillary buds, ready to grow.

With every escape should be cut into cuttings with at least 2 sound buds on each. The cut is done well sharpened tool at 2cm above the top buds, and the latter immediately under the lower kidney.

The lower leaves are cut completely, the top can be shortened by half. To increase the chances of growing rose from cutting the prepared planting material can be processed («Appin», IAA), according to the attached instructions.

After treatment the cuttings you can start growing. Prepare individual cups, the bottom of which sprinkle fertile soil, and the top layer about 3 cm washed river sand and peat (1:1).

Stalk planted roses should not reach the bottom layer. Next you need to create optimal conditions for rooting.

how to grow a rose from cuttings

Temperature of 23 ° C-26ºs, humidity 90%, out of direct sunlight needs to close.

High humidity can be created artificially, sbryzgivaja the surface of leaves and cuttings from a spray.

Cover plants with polyethylene. Some people use humidifiers.

Subject to the recommendations after 1.5 months most of the cuttings form roots. The structure can be disassembled.

To start growing roses from hardwood cuttings in the fall is better. In this case, the cuttings are prepared about 15-20cm. long.

As always, only the lower cut is made slanting from the back side of the kidney. The cut must be large 2-3cm. In this case, treatment with a stimulant is required.

Prepared cuttings of roses sleep damp sand in a bucket, and stored until spring when a small positive temperature.

In the spring with the onset of warm days, cuttings of roses planted under a film as described above, unfortunately, survives about half of the plants.

First winter for growing roses from cuttings is difficult, so young plants need good shelter.

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