How to grow rose at home – detailed instructions

How to grow rose at home

Unique flavor, the amazing beauty of the petals, the grace of emerald stems and leaves made the rose the Queen of flowers.

And all this can be grown not only in the garden but on a windowsill. Next we will talk about how to grow rose at home.

Detailed instructions

So, first you need planting material, there is a rose, for example from the bouquet. Next you need to trim all the leaves and buds. To leave a clean stem and cut it into cuttings with a length of on average 25 cm.

Each cutting moisten with water and cauterize the upper and lower end of the potassium permanganate. Then in a weak solution of manganese cuttings soaked for days and then planted in fertile soil, but so to was the recessed lower kidney and the following should be above the soil.

Planted cuttings covered with a transparent banks, or make a small greenhouse. You need to remember that the soil must be always wet. So you can forget about frequent watering. But not worth much to fill to the cuttings simply rotted.

Adhering to this sequence can be successfully grown rose at home. And after about a couple of years Bush will bloom.

It is worth saying that before this time you must remove all the buds. They should not be sorry, because such an approach will help develop a good root system.

The ground

Like any plant, roses require fertile soil that is easy to mix yourself. Take half part of the greenhouse humus, ¼ part sand and clay. One should add bird droppings. But you can do without it.


Roses need twice daily watering. For this purpose, let stand room temperature water. Watering is necessary only under a Bush.

When the plant becomes an adult, the top layer of earth to keep moist. In the winter, enough to water once in three days.

Temperature mode

Rose is quite capricious plant, because not tolerate both heat and cold. Winter temperature should not be below 15 — 17°C. the summer will be a favorable temperature 16 — 25°C.

It is recommended in the summer to make a rose on the balcony and in winter you need to put closer to the battery. The plant also needs the damp air which can be achieved by spraying. The moisture content of air can be improved by using the tray with gravel.

Place and lighting

The place should be bright, even Sunny. Best rose will grow on the window sill of the South-East or East side.

Since winter daylight period is short, it requires additional lighting, which should be left until night. Bush must be periodically rotated to maintain the correct form.


It is necessary to say that the fertilizer can be made in dry soil, it is important to pre-moisten the soil. Otherwise, you could burn the roots.

How to grow rose at home

Also, do not fertilize the plants immediately after planting. Should be at least two weeks. Not allowed to make fertilizer in the winter.

In the fall we need fertilizer, nitrogen based around a couple of times a month. Although if growth is normal, it is not necessary to fertilize.

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