How to grow Petunia in the garden?

How to grow Petunia

Perhaps, Petunia enjoys immense popularity among gardeners.

Beauty Petunia is manifested in the variety of colors, sizes, flower and grace.

To grow petunias is not difficult, and in gratitude she pleases with flowering with the arrival of summer and to the cold weather.

Planting seedstypically, the seeds for seedlings begin to sow at the end of February, in the first days of March. But if the plants to create auxiliary lighting, Petunia seeds can be sown in January.

In prepared containers or pots impose a fertile soil (you can buy in the store), and on top of the wet soil scatter the seeds, but not much. Sprinkle the seeds on top of soil is not necessary, since it will be harder to germinate. Capacity cover with foil and determine it on the window sill.

Lightingthe Seedlings are very much in need of additional lighting. The seedlings will grow much stronger if the light will be many. Otherwise, the sprouts will stretch out. The extra lighting you can use the energy saving or fluorescent lighting. A regular light bulb will not work, since it dries out the air.

First seedling petunias is growing very quickly, because all forces gives to the growth of the root system. As soon as the true leaves, seedlings dive (transplant to another pot) and then the plant starts to grow very rapidly.

The root system of a Mature plant is quite powerful, so reason for him to not feel sorry. When will be performed the transplant in containers, one plant will be required within 5 years of the soil.

Fertilizingto Grow petunias without additional fertilizing is problematic. The first time is roughly a couple of weeks after picking. First we need to feed Petunia nitrogen fertilizer.

After that for laying the ovaries, and also for their full flowering need to make potash and phosphate fertilizer. Adults fertilizer should organize weekly. It is important to make foliar and root feeding at a time.

Wateringearly is not watered often, because it can develop «black leg». But an adult plant needs a good watering.

Landing on landthe Plant is spring frost, which is why seedlings are allowed to be planted in open ground in may. If to grow petunias in a container, when a sharp cold capacity can be put in the greenhouse. But happens that some of the leaves still freeze slightly, although the Bush does not die, and then well developed.

The soilPetunia speaks very well on fertile soil. This will require one part peat, two parts rotted manure and three parts garden soil. And yet, to grow beautiful flowers will need additional feeding.

The choice of the kindIf you plan to create flowerbeds, it is better to buy Bush varieties whose flowers are not very large. They do not afraid of rain, and they are very quickly restored. On balconies it is better to plant rabid variety.

Under a canopy feel great prilichnii (hybrid Petunia), because after the rain, not even big, they don’t look very nice. In pots you can grow a basket of varieties.

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