How to grow parsley on the windowsill

How to grow parsley on the windowsill

To grow parsley on the windowsill in the house should be well prepared.

Parsley can be grown from seed and root crops. When planting seeds, the harvest will have to collect after 1.5 months.

The vegetation at planting the seed lasts more than a year. If you put parsley on the windowsill root crops, green mass will appear very quickly, but the vegetation period would be 0.5 years.You need to prepare:

  • — root vegetables parsley;
  • — seeds of plants;
  • — soil;
  • — fertilizer and pots or boxes for planting.


How to grow parsley on the window sill — manual


  • 1. In oblong boxes you need to fill the soil, pour over boiling water to kill microbes, lightly trample the ground and make oblong grooves. Seeds to fill in the holes, covered with earth and slightly flatten. Parsley likes proper watering. Watering should be through the day boiling warm water.


Can not fill watering should be moderate. To shoots was warm, above the drawer to hang a fluorescent lamp.

  • 2. That the sprouts appeared quickly, you need to pre-soak the seeds. Soaking is carried out in a weak solution of potassium permanganate in a few hours they are washed in water and planted.
  • 3. Can be planted in another way. You have to prepare the box, soil and seeds. On the bottom of the tank to pour the drainage of expanded clay layer of 2 cm Soil send in the oven for 30 minutes for doneness. After cooling, the soil should be put on top of the drainage layer, compacted and done in furrows to sow seeds.

Boxes put in a Sunny place, watering is conducted as necessary. You have to be patient, as parsley seeds germinate not so fast.

  • 4. The soil care. Necessary to carry out tillage and fertilization 1 time in 3 weeks. You can use «Agrolayf» (1 tsp.) or «Growth» (in 2 l of water 1 cap). Weeds should be removed. For germination it is recommended to keep the temperature from 18 to 20 °C.

At higher temperature the plants are drawn, and the leaves are painted in a light color. In winter dosvechivat plants for 3-4 hours, using fluorescent lights.

How to grow parsley on the windowsill

  • 5. The roots of the parsley plant in a tall jug, not less than 20 cm, pre-cutting the tips of the roots. Between the roots should be left 1 see When falling asleep the earth not to cover the tip of the root. Drainage not necessary to do so.

Potting mix is vermicompost and coconut fiber (1:2). The green appears in a few weeks. Parsley is growing and developing even when the temperature drops to 5 °C.

To grow parsley on the windowsill are 2 ways, how it is – you decide for yourself. If you want to have greens all year round – plant the seeds if you want to quickly obtain the green weight of roots.

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