How to grow parsley on the windowsill in winter

the cultivation of parsley on the windowsill

Even in winter, you want to treat yourself, fresh herbs, summer vegetable garden.

It’s not necessary to buy it in the store, especially since she is not the first freshness.

Better spice to grow at home on the windowsill.

In this article, we will consider growing parsley in winter at home, but generally if you let the place to you can also sow dill, onion and so on.

Parsley on the windowsill

For growing parsley at home on the windowsill, special varieties does not exist, you can use any, preferably early maturing, they for ten days and will ripen early.

Take a box and fill it with soil. If in advance of the summer you have prepared the land with a country kitchen garden, you can use normal soil from a specialized shop.

Prepared «hradecka» pour hot water and a little push. Make furrows for planting in accordance with the instructions on the package to grow parsley on the windowsill, the distance can be slightly reduced.

For druzhnosti germination before sowing parsley seeds should be soaked for three days. The water should be changed twice a day.

Visivite seeds in moist soil. To exclude the formation of surface crusts after planting sprinkle parsley loose soil layer of 1cm.

We can not allow the soil dry out, but can not fill much. Need moderate watering through the day, be careful that the soil does not erode.

After germination, watering can be increased, although it depends on the humidity in the apartment or on the warmed loggia.

A good guarantor of successfully growing parsley in the home is the optimal thermal regime. To obtain high-quality products the temperature should be maintained within +15 — 20o C.

At lower growth will slow, and if you exceed these parameters, it can start to dry.

To increase the length of a day, preferably over a drawer of seedlings at a height of about 60cm. install the fluorescent lamp. When you reach parsley 10-12cm. in height, it can be cut.

Parsley on the windowsill root vegetables

When grown petioles, in late October, with the ground fine root ( 5cm in length and 2cm thick) to transplant the home box.

With this method the plants will yield until the end of the year. Box for planting is prepared a little differently.

On the bottom is placed drainage (1.5 cm), and on top of poured soil from peat, humus, sand and sod land based (2:1:1:1).

The cuttings are planted in moist substrate close to each other. The apical buds should remain on the surface. The first harvest should be before the new year.

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