How to grow mushrooms at home

How to grow mushrooms at home

To grow mushrooms at home is becoming a popular and profitable occupation.

Even at the initial stage, this method can be profitable, since almost all work is done by mother nature. The costs are minimal.

No matter what will be used in the harvest, for sale, or just for the family, in any case, you need to know how to grow mushrooms at home.

First you need to determine the kind of fungi. This files most often at home grow mushrooms, oyster mushrooms or mushrooms.

These mushrooms do not require special care, so the beginner can safely start working. But a certain amount of Finance you will have to spend.

It is important to pay attention to the liquid mycelium (spores). Of course you can cook it yourself or buy ready-made composition.

An important aspect is the compost or soil where to grow mushrooms. The substrate can be prepared independently of sawdust or scraps of branches.

The substrate may be based on barley, oats, rye, wheat and millet. Grass needs a good grind and put in boxes or bags, alternating with the mycelium.

Further, the bags need to cut open to get out of the fruit body.

But it is better to buy compost because the mushrooms need the formation of mycorrhizae (gribakina).

This is very important because from such a relationship depends on the growth of fungi in the home.

For example, oyster mushrooms are recommended to use the substrate made from willow, birch, alder. For mushrooms more suitable sawdust of deciduous breeds of trees.

Another important point is the choice of premises. You cannot grow mushrooms in wooden areas because of the risk of rotting wood and further damage.

The best option would be the basement or ground room, trimmed in lime.

For year-round cultivation of mushrooms at home need a constant temperature and the required humidity.

Additional attributes are the heater, be sure to fan, watering system, because for the growth of mushrooms need humidity 95%.

Important is the lighting, this is especially important if the mushrooms will be grown in the basement.

The temperature should not exceed the threshold of 20°C at the time of incubation. And in the period

How to grow mushrooms at home

fruiting temperature should be decreased to 10 – 15 degrees.

It is not recommended to grow mushrooms for those who suffer from allergies, because during ripening they produce spores that can trigger a runny nose, watery eyes, and cough.

Adhering to all the above tips, you can successfully grow mushrooms on their own.

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