How to grow lemon from seeds

how to grow lemon from seeds

Many are mistaken, believing that to grow lemon from seeds at home, and especially to achieve a normal fruiting impossible.

Adhering to the basic rules of care, from the bones of almost any citrus (lemon, Mandarin, orange, etc.) to grow a tree, with a stable crop, and this can be achieved within 5 years.

Why it is best to grow lemon from seeds? The fact that this is the available planting material, and the plant is more adapted to a room environment than a purchased seedling.The ground

For planting a citrus tree it is necessary to prepare a soil mixture, which consists of:

  • Ground sheet – 1 part;
  • Turf ground – 2 parts;
  • Large clean river sand – 1/2 part;
  • Humus, 1/2 part.

If it is not possible to prepare the soil yourself, you can purchase a ready mix for citrus in any flower shop.


For planting it is better to use fresh seeds (just out of the fruit), they have better germination than dried. Bone planted in moist soil to a depth of about 1.5 cm.

Pot plants must be large, otherwise until the lemon will go, and the root system will begin to develop the land can salesnote.

Immediately after sowing, the pot is covered with a transparent plastic film. Before sprouting, watering is no longer carried out, only a slight sprinkling of earth. The temperature of the content should be within +18 ÷21°C.

After an average of 21 days to germinate sprouts. After the appearance of 3-4 leaves, remove the film and transfer the plant in a well lit place.

From that moment you begin watering the lemon, it should be moderate, citrus equally not tolerate waterlogging and complete drying of the soil. Used to defend water at room temperature.

Care lemon

Fertile to grow lemon from seeds, you need to follow a few rules:

  • 1. Indoor lemon need additional artificial lighting, preferably with fitolamp.
  • 2. It is important to ensure high humidity, or with frequent spraying or applying electromagnets.
  • 3. Transplants carried out annually, each time in a pot at 3 cm more than the previous.
  • 4. Indoor plant needs regular feeding with fertilizer. After planting the nutrients in the soil will last about 3 months, so for the normal development need extra power.

As fertilizer use complex liquid mixtures, which contain all the important trace elements.


Pour the lemon liberally, but not allowing the acidification of the soil, and only then, when the top layer dries out. In the winter during dormancy reduce watering.

In the summer of lemon tree you can take out to the country, or to stand on the balcony, the loggia, but be sure the plant should be protected from drafts and direct sunlight. In the case of the temperature jumps, be sure to bring home.

The formation of the crown lemon

Already in the early stages of the life of the plant should prevent the development of single-stemmed and citrus to stimulate lateral branching. To do this, pinch out the tip.

Emerged lateral shoots, when three leaves, pinch out also, thus, formation of a Bush.

To speed up fruiting conduct «banding». For this copper wire cover firmly around the base of the trunk, she slightly hanged himself in the bark.

The result is deformation and the accumulation of substances that stimulate the emergence of buds. A year later, the ring is removed, and the trace of the wire obscure garden pitch.

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